The PSAT is a practice version of the SAT.  For Juniors, this is the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship Program.      

The PSAT is given only in October each year.  The PSAT tests in reading, math and writing.  Generally Sophomores and  

Juniors take this exam.   A study guide is available online at:

The PSAT will be given at IHS on Wednesday, October 19 @ 7:45 sharp.  The cost is $14 payable in the IHS Bookstore.  Last day to sign up is October 23.

PSAT Prep Course will be available for $75.  The course will be taught here on our campus on October 16 and 17 and on October 24.  Money is payable in the IHS Bookstore

                The PSAT is being re-designed for the October 2015 exam.  



Question Types

Measures how well students

Critical Reading

Two 25-minute sections

Sentence completion

Passage-based reading

Analyze, evaluate, and think logically about what they read


Two 25-minute sections


Student-produced response (grid-ins)

Use arithmetic, algebra, and geometry to think logically and solve familiar and unfamiliar problems

Writing Skills

One 30-minute section

Improving sentences

Identifying sentence errors

Improving paragraphs

Express ideas in standard written English, recognize faults, and use language with sensitivity to meaning