Community College Enrollment

Community College Enrollment

The following form may be used to enroll in any of the 9 Maricopa Community Colleges.

Log onto:

Follow the first two steps:

Step 1: Create MEID account

            You will create your MEID number, student ID & Maricopa email.   

You will need these numbers and email address so print the page

or take a picture.                      

Step 2: Apply for Admission

When you click on Step 2 you will see a small menu box.  Click on

the last item in the box, “Student Center”.  This brings up a page

that is blue and gray.  Go to the bottom on the page and click on

“apply for admissions”.

Fill in information on the Student Center pages choosing college,

what you want to study, etc.


Step 3:   Go to campus and take the Accuplacer exam and set up your classes.


Go with IHS to the GCC campus on

Wednesday, April 19

9am to 2 pm

You will be attending workshops on the following topics:


  Financial Aid

  Test prep

  Accuplacer testing

  Gaucho 101- Advisement & Enrollment

  Campus Tour

Transportation will be provided.  

You should bring your lunch or buy it at GCC.

Pick up a permission slip in the Career Center.