Sophomore Research Launch Page

Web Site



An easy way to create a Bibliography for your Works Cited page. 

dMarie Time Capsule


A great place to begin your research. Enter your date of birth for a time-capsule overview of what was happening when you were born—movies, music, toys, fashions, fads, prices, etc.  Note: use the “Quick Page” option.



Scroll down and enter a year.  This site lists major events by categories.  Enter your year to find information in the following categories: World Events, US Events, Sports, Entertainment, Science, and others)

Google Search Engine

Use quotation marks to help narrow your search

Research Information 

This document will help you keep your research organized. After clicking on link, go to File -->Make a copy.  This will be your copy to edit.  

Greenway Media Center - EBSCO Database

This link will take you to EBSCO Database where you can find articles in magazines and newspapers.