Cooperative Learning Strategies

Each Cooperative Learning strategy is accessible by clicking on the tabs above.  They can be displayed on the Smartboard by clicking on the Full Screen icon at the bottom of the page.

It is also possible to save the individual slides and add animations and customize them.  To do so:

1.  Log in to the district google drive account, with your guhsdaz email address and password.
2.  Click "Open Title" at the bottom of the slide.
3.  The slide will open up in Google Drive.  Choose File - Make a Copy
4.  Rename the file, or keep the "Copy of XXX" file name and hit OK
5.  The copy is now yours to edit.  It will be located in My Drive in your google docs account.  If you'd like help adding animations and transitions, contact your school Tech Trainer.

For an interactive, animated menu of the strategies, go to the last tab Strategies as Flash Animations.  Hover over the colored block to reveal the strategy, then click.