TurnItIn.com is an easy to use service that collects electronic versions of student work.  The system creates an Originality Report after checking the work against a giant repository of student papers and Internet sources.  All English teachers expect students to submit papers to TurnItIn.com before they will be graded.  Accounts are free.

  • One account is used for all classes.  Students create one account and "enroll" in multiple classes.
  • Use your personal e-mail, not your ######@guhsd.net account.  Password recovery e-mails can be sent to you, but those @guhsd.net e-mail accounts are still locked down by the District.
How to make a Student account:
Go to turnitin.com
Log-in, or if you have never had an account: 
     Click on "Create account," located under the log-in box for username.  (You can't log in until you make an account, of course!) 
     In the bottom right section, you will see "New Users" in blue letters.  Click there.
     Under "Create a New Account," select "student"  This is at the bottom of the page!
     Your e-mail address will be your username; the password is up to you, but it must have LETTERS and NUMBERS.
When asked, enter the class ID and enrollment password given above.  [English class IDs can be found here.]

How to submit an assignment:
Log in.  Use your e-mail address and the password you picked, NOT the number and "hello."  Those were only to enroll in this class, a one-time thing.
Click on our class.
Go to assignments.
Click "Submit".
Upload the assignment by finding the document on your machine and attaching or doing a copy/paste. 

Need more help?
Video tutorials for students can be found here.
Video tutorials for teachers can be found here.