Digital Citizenship Reflection

  1. "Create" and a "Document"
    1. Go to Google Drive
    2. Click "Create" and click "Document"
    3. Title = Period# DigitalCitizenshipReflection LastName FirstName  
      ex: 4 DigitalCitizenshipReflection Curren Tom
    4. Put "document" into "Shared Folder"  
  2. Write a 3-4 paragraph reflection about your Digital Citizenship Poster that addresses the following prompts (Make sure the spell check!)

    Paragraph 1 (3 sentences)
    • What did you choose to communicate to the viewers of your poster? Explain why.

      Paragraph 2 (4-5 sentences)
    • What was your favorite part of your project? 
    • What were some challenges that you had with this project?  
    • Give a specific example of how you could use Google Drawing in other classes or outside of school.

      Paragraph 3 (1-2 sentences for each question)
      • How has the development of technology created new challenges and ethical dilemmas for people?
      • How has the increase of social media affected Copyright and Fair Use?
      • How can a person engage in responsible, safe, and respectful use of Social Media?
      • How can a person protect their Digital Presence?

    1. Please format your final document to reflect the following:
      1. Your Name in the top right corner
      2. Center and bold a title for your reflection.  Call it Digital Citizenship Reflection.
      3. Spell Check!
      4. Capitalize "I" if talking about yourself.
      5. Make your paragraphs single spaced.