Digital Citizenship Reflection

  1. "New Document"
    1. Go to Google Drive
    2. Click "New" and click "Document"
    3. Title = Period# DigitalCitizenshipReflection LastName FirstName  
      ex: 4 DigitalCitizenshipReflection Curren Tom
    4. Put "document" into "Shared Folder" 
      1. Reyes- Digital Citizenship Folder 
  2. Write a 3-4 paragraph reflection about your Digital Citizenship Poster that addresses the following prompts (Make sure the spell check!)

    Paragraph 1 (3 sentences)
    • What did you choose to communicate to the viewers of your poster? Explain why.

      Paragraph 2 (4-5 sentences)
    • What was your favorite part of your project? 
    • What were some challenges that you had with this project?  
    • Give a specific example of how you could use Google Drawing in other classes or outside of school.

      Paragraph 3 (1-2 sentences for each question)
      • How has the development of technology created new challenges and ethical dilemmas for people?
      • How has the increase of social media affected Copyright and Fair Use?
      • How can a person engage in responsible, safe, and respectful use of Social Media?
      • How can a person protect their Digital Presence?

    1. Please format your final document to reflect the following:
      1. Your Name in the top right corner
      2. Center and bold a title for your reflection.  Call it Digital Citizenship Reflection.
      3. Make sure your Reflection is "Aligned Left"
      4. Spell Check!
      5. Capitalize "I" if talking about yourself.
      6. Make your paragraphs single spaced or double spaced.