Digital Citizenship Awareness Poster


West Hills High School is having a poster competition that promotes Digital Citizenship Awareness.  You will use Google Drawing to create a poster that includes powerful images and statistics.

Poster Topics
  • Social Media (interacting with others)
    Focus - appropriate and inappropriate use (how is it a good tool? / problems if it is abused?, cyber bullying, affective domain)
  • Privacy (protecting yourself)
    Focus - identity theft / privacy settings / how to protect yourself?

  • Fair Use & Copyright (academic use, intellectual property, copyright, piracy, plagiarism)
    Focus - Dos and don'ts?

  1. Plan your Poster
    1. Use the Articles On Topics for background information, poster ideas, and facts / statistics
    2. Complete the Poster Planning/Research Sheet
    3. Sketch out your poster design on a separate sheet of paper.
    4. Include placement of images, text, colors, symbols, etc.
    5. Get Approval from Teacher
  2. "Create" a Drawing in Google Drive (view screencast)
    1. "Title" it: Period# DigitalAwareness Lastname(s) --> 2DigitalAwarenessMcDowell
    2. If you have a partner, share it with them.
    3. Put into "Folder" shared with your teacher.
    4. ALL images on poster must be user generated!
  3. Create Digital Citizenship Awareness Poster based on your Poster Ideas Sheet
    1. You must create the images
      1. Take a photo or screenshot and upload to Google Drive (screencast)
        1. How to take a screenshot on an wireless device?
          • ipod/iphone: Power Button+Home Button
          • android: Power Button+Down Volume
      2. Use drawing tools
      3. Include your 3 facts appropriately
      4. Have a clear slogan
      5. Tell the viewer what he/she can do to be a good digital citizen.
  4. Review Rubric
  5.  Submit the link to the Digital Citizenship Awareness Poster Form
  6. Create Reflection Document
  7. Assemble Portfolio Page

Below are examples of student created posters.  Examine the posters: Consider the layout, color, use of facts, and overall message.  Some of these posters demonstrate one or several of these elements.