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WHERE - Valhalla Varsity Football Field

Date & Times - TBA

Attire - T-shirt, shorts, shoes and cleats

Activities - Running, catching and weight lifting

Cost - FREE to attend summer voluntary workouts


Date - Monday July 30th 2018

Time - TBA

What is Necessary to Participate ? 

Physical form & proof of insurance forms completed

* Clearance forms are available by clicking onto the following link


or by viewing our Valhalla High School Web Page
than click onto the Athletics tab

If you have any questions, please email us at


Dear Football Community,

Sorry for the late post but as with some of you my non-contact period started a day or two early with the girls' summer birthday pool party. As we head into

 the non-contact period, Sunday July 16th-Sunday July 30th, I wanted to provide you with some important info for the start of mandatory practices.

1. Mandatory practices begin Tuesday August 1st at 3:30pm. It is important that if you are going to miss practice due to previously scheduled vacations/etc that you notify me so that the missed practices will not be counted against you. It is also important to know that a minimum of 10 practices are required prior to participation in the first game.

2. In order to begin practices you are required to complete two steps:

A. You must have a current physical turned in to me. The physical is good for a calendar year and must have been completed in 2017 to be good for football season.

B. You must complete the online clearance form found at Valhalla.guhsd.netunder athletics and clearance process. Once you finish the online form an email will be sent. That email should be printed, signed and turned into me along with your physical.

3. Gear and Lockers- Most people have already been issued gear and lockers; they will receive their combinations between 2:30-3pm on the first day of practice. If you have not been issued gear/locker you will be issued gear during the same time period. Day 1 we will be practicing in shorts and shirts, Day 2 and 3 helmets and shoulder pads and Day 4 we will begin full gear practices.

4. Additional required gear:

A. A mouthpiece is required and will be needed on day two, Wednesday August 2nd. They can be purchased rather inexpensively at local sporting goods stores or can be purchased from the program on the first day of practice for $1.

B. Cleats are highly recommended. They can be purchased from a local sporting good store, online, or often at a store like Ross or TJ Maxx.

C. A padded girdle- In an effort to insure a better fit in terms of safety we are requesting that athletes provide their own 5 pad girdle. The girdle comes in two types, either with built in tail, hip, and thigh pads or with pockets where the pads can be inserted (If you purchase the pocketed girdle we will provide the pads). The cost of the girdle typically range from $10 for the pocketed girdle and $25+ for the integrated girdle. Should you be unable to provide a girdle the program does have some that have been donated by former players over the years (yes we have washed and bleached them but it is like wearing someone else's underwear).

D. Game Socks- Game socks must be purchased for $10 or can be purchased as part of the Booster Pack.

5. Booster Pack- The Valhalla Football Program offers a yearly booster pack that includes a Customized Sweatshirt, Shirt, Shorts, Game Socks, Mouth Piece, and Gear Bag. The pack not only provides players with some necessary gear and keepsakes but also serves as a fundraiser for the program. See previous post for flyer

6. We will be working with Riddell on a team store. The team store will offer discounted prices on gear like girdles, gloves, compression shirts, etc. The prices typically reflect a 15% discount and an additional 10% is provided to the program as a fundraiser. Check the Valhalla Football Facebook/ Webpage late next week for the link to the store.

7. Discount Cards and Banner ADs- Why spend your own money on a booster pack when you could spend someone else's and help the program at the same time. Players can participate in selling Valhalla Football Program Discount Cards or Advertising at our games and use those sales to earn their booster pack. Half of all money raised through the sale of cards or ads will go toward earning a booster pack. See me for info on discount cards or See previous post for banner ad flyer

8. Parent Meeting- There is a mandatory parent meeting Thursday August 3rd at 6:30pm in the Valhalla High School Main Gym. Please make a concerted effort to have at least one parent or guardian at the meeting.

9. Contact Sports Class- This year I will be teaching a contact sports class that will focus skills necessary for sports like football. The class will be offered 5th period and is open to sophomores through Seniors. The class will focus on weight training and speed training but will also provide information on NCAA eligibility, the recruiting process, and nutrition. It also provides some fun opportunities for competition. For any student that struggles with eligibility it is a five credit class that should provide an opportunity to earn a good grade; for seniors who must take five, five credit classes, it provides a homework free option, and for the multi-sport athlete that is looking to stay in shape year around when time to lift and train is limited it provides an opportunity during the day to get it done. To sign up for the class email or call your specific guidance counselor. Do so ASAP because although football players are being given first opportunity to the class it will be first come first serve and spaces are limited.

That's all I got. Enjoy the time off with friends and family

Click onto the handout tab above to download the pdf fundraiser forms 


Meeting Notes- Wednesday January 18th, 2017

Offseason Goals

  • Build concept of TEAM through COMMON WORK

  • Recruit the building

    • Bring me the recruits and I will be the closer

  • Get bigger, faster, stronger

  • Learn basic concepts for Offense and Defense Schemes and individual positions

  • Compete and have fun!!!!

Spring Lifting Program (January 23rd-May 5th)

  • Goal- Improve Size, Speed, and prevent injury

    • Not a powerlifting program

  • Weightroom Times- Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays 1pm-4pm

    • Workout takes approx. 45min

  • Workout format

    • Circuit with 6 stations

    • Three different workouts

    • Each day a full body workout

  • Expectation

    • To attend 85% of the scheduled workouts (can miss about 5 of 34 workouts)

    • In season sports Three options-

      • If possible and approved by in season coach- Complete lifts

      • Ask for and complete workout approved by in season coach

      • Refrain from lifting but come and serve as motivator/spotter

    • Reward- Participants in the Spring Program will be offered the chance to attend the spring game of a college program and take a campus tour.

Spring Practices (May 8th-June 1st)

  • Goal- Introduce the basic offensive and defensive concepts and position techniques

  • Field Times- Monday-Thursday 3:30pm-5:15pm

  • Reward- Participants in the Spring Practices will be offered the chance to participate in the SDSU Passing Tournament and/or the Lineman Passing Game

Summer Program (June 12th-July 13th)

  • Goal- To build size, speed and prevent injury / to continue to learn basic scheme and technique

  • Field Times-

    • Weight room- Monday-Thursday 5:30am-7:30am

    • Field- Mondays 3:30-5:00pm

  • Reward- Participants in the Summer Program will be offered the chance to participate in Summer Passing League and the South County Passing Tournament

Other ideas-

  • Summer Bonfire

  • Seal Training

***For Planning Purposes- CIF Dead Period will be July 16th-July 29th

 Attention Valhalla Football Community

Relive the highlights of the fantastic 2016 Season!!! 

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Norsemen tug Helmet from Cougars’ grasp





EastCountySports.com Staff Report


El Cajon (10-29-16) — When the Fearless Forecaster dialed up his pigskin prognostications this week, he obviously got his signals crossed, divining that Grossmont would nip Helix in a close game and that Valhalla would blow out Steele Canyon.


Instead, the Highlanders laid it to the Foothillers 45-21, and Valhalla barely escaped at home with a 21-14 win over the fired up Cougars Friday evening (Oct. 28).


Steele Canyon won the toss and deferred until the second half.



Valhalla’s DANNY MADARA tries to escape the pursuit of the Steele Canyon defender Friday night. / Don De Mars Photography

A pooch kick-off to the Valhalla 25-yard line was returned by junior CONNOR MOSER to the Valhalla 40-yard line, giving junior quarterback DENNIS DAHLIN and the Norsemen offense good field position.  After a 5-yard penalty made it 3rd and 15 on third down, Dahlin found senior wide receiver BRANDON FULLER open for a 14-yard pass-catch to the Valhalla 49-yard line.


On 4th and 1, Norsemen coach CHARLES BUSSEY, confident in his offensive line’s run-blocking ability, elected to go for it – and – senior running back JEROME JOHNSON muscled his way for a 9-yard gain to the Cougars’ 42-yard line.


A pass interference penalty moved the ball to the Steele 24-yard line.  On the next play, a razzle-dazzle halfback pass by Fuller to Moser was successful for an apparent 24-yard touchdown, but a penalty nullified the play, moving the ball instead back to the 29- yard line.


Seven plays later, Johnson danced into the end zone unmolested for a 3-yard TD, capping a 13-play drive.  Senior kicker JACOB PAAPE (3-3 PAT) supplied the extra point and Valhalla was on the board 7-0, with 5:57remaining in the first quarter.


In his typical fashion, Paape boomed the ensuing kickoff deep into the end zone, making the Cougars start from their 20-yard line.



Valhalla’s defense sacks Steele Canyon. / Don De Mars Photography

Junior quarterback THOMAS FISHBURNE got off to a rocky start when, under pressure, threw into coverage and had his first pass nearly picked by junior defensive back TY SCHIMKE.  Undaunted, Fishburne threw a dart on the next play to senior wide receiver AJ CASS-WILLIAMS for a first down to the 30-yard line.


Some nifty running by sophomore running back ISAIAH THOMPSON quickly moved the ball into Norsemen territory.  The drive appeared to stall at the Valhalla 39-yard line when junior defensive lineman JOSH McNISH-HEIDER batted down a Fishburne pass, making it 4th and 5.


Not to be outdone in the “let’s play to win” department, Cougars coach SCOTT LONGERBONE decided to go for it.


Fishburne threw a dart to senior wide receiver BRENDEN WILLIS for an apparent 21-yard gain to the Valhalla 18-yard line, but a holding penalty resulted in a Cougars’ first down at the Valhalla 6-yard line.


As the first period ended, Thompson brawled his way to the 11-yard line and another Steele Canyon first down.  Two plays later, Thompson burst into the end zone from the 6-yard line, and, after junior kicker JOHN LAUTNER (2-2 PAT) split the uprights, the game was knotted 7-7, just 53 seconds into the second stanza.


Fueled by the Cougars’ offensive success against the tough Orange Crush defense, the Cougars’ defense settled down and went to work, forcing Valhalla to punt after three plays on its next series, highlighted by junior defensive end DARIN WALTON’s quarterback sack.


Later in the half, Fishburne broke free and scrambled 35 yards to the Valhalla 3-yard line where Moser, now playing defensive back, made a TD saving tackle.  On the next play, senior linebacker BRENT BURNETT and senior defensive back ANTHONY PORTILLO stuffed the runner for a 4-yard loss to the 7.


Undeterred, on second down, Fishburne spied Thompson wide open in the end zone, made a perfect throw, and Steele Canyon took the lead 14-7, 3:06 before intermission.



Valhalla head coach CHARLES BUSSEY. / Don De Mars Photography

Coach Bussey must have had quite a chat with his charges during the break.


Starting at their 22-yard line to open the third quarter, the Cougars didn’t fare well.


On first down, junior linebacker DYLAN MARSH and senior linebacker JOSH HERNANDEZ flattened the runner for no gain.  On second down, senior defensive end BRANDON LEFFEW and Portillo dragged down the ball carrier for a 2-yard loss.  Third down likewise went awry; a fearsome rush resulted in a hurried incomplete pass, forcing the visitors to punt, giving Valhalla the ball at midfield.


Dahlin didn’t waste time, hitting Paape on a well-executed hitch and go for a 27-yard pickup to the Cougars’ 18-yard line.


A fired-up Johnson broke several tackles on the next play, barreling his way to the 2-yard line, where he was stopped by a TD-saving tackle by junior free safety JAVON WOODBRIDGE.


With a first and goal at the 2, Johnson tried the middle of the defensive line, where he was swarmed by a host of tacklers short of the goal.  Unfortunately for the defenders, Dahlin had expertly faked the handoff to Johnson and was strolling around left end into the end zone for the game-tying touchdown, 14-14, with 9:19 remaining in the third period.


Starting at their 20-yard line following the kickoff, the Cougar offense went to work.  Fishburne picked up 8 yards on first down.  Thompson scampered for 18 yards to the Steele 46 on the next play, and ripped off 10 more on the ensuing attempt, to the Valhalla 44-yard line.  A holding penalty moved the Cougars back to midfield and a quarterback sack by McNish-Heider and TYLER EASTLICK seemed to stop Steele’s momentum.



Valhalla with the Jamacha Helmet perpetual trophy Friday night. / Don De Mars Photography

On 2nd and 19 from the Cougars’ 47-yard line, Fishburne heaved what appeared to be a desperation pass nearly 50 yards downfield.  Senior defensive back ROLAND GLOVER, who already has three interceptions this season, went up in the air, snagged the ball, and, as he was coming down with it, junior wide receiver JORDAN ANDERSON snatched away the pigskin for an unbelievable completion to the Valhalla 7-yard line.


Two runs by Fishburne moved the ball to the 1-yard line.  On third down, Johnson, now playing linebacker, and senior defensive lineman MIGUEL PEREZ buried the runner for no gain, bringing up another 4th down decision for the Cougars coaching staff, who once again elected to go for the gusto.


Well, the Orange Crush did exactly that to the ball carrier, forcing a fumble that was recovered by linebacker Hernandez at the 1-yard line.  This goal-line stand by Valhalla set the tone for the remainder of the game.


Early in the 4th quarter, Valhalla engineered a 10-play, 80-yard touchdown drive, highlighted by an 18-yard run by the versatile Portillo and 6 completions by Dahlin, the last of which was a 14-yard strike to Paape in the end zone at the 6:35mark, ending the scoring 21-14.  Once again, Valhalla gets to retain the “Jamacha Helmet” for another year.


Dahlin was 20-31-0, passing for 174 yards and one TD.  For the Cougars, Fishburne was 9-21-0 for 126 yards and one touchdown.

6-0 Norsemen eat at big boy table





By Jim Lindgren
© East County Sports.com


EL CAJON (10-8-16) — In leaving Valhalla out of the San Diego Section Top 10 poll, certain skeptics had pointed out that Valhalla’s 5-0 start with three shutouts came against a soft nonleague schedule.

Those skeptics should have seen the Norsemen’s 34-0 domination of West Hills on Friday night (Oct. 7) at Valhalla in the Grossmont Hills League opener.

This was a “complete” game in all facets for Valhalla, which is 6-0 for the first time since 2005. West Hills (4-2) had won four in a row.


Valhalla senior ANTHONY PORTILLO rushes out of the grasp of a West Hills defender Friday night in El Cajon.

The Valhalla offense racked up 434 total yards, 19 first downs and six scores. The defense allowed only 99 yards, seven first downs and zero points.

The Norsemen never punted and scored on their first three possessions of each half. West Hills had seven punts, an interception and a blocked field goal.

“We got what we came for, no question,” Valhalla coach CHARLES BUSSEY said. “It was a great team effort. A complete game.”

Senior tailback JEROME JOHNSON rushed 15 times for 147 yards, including touchdowns of 17 and 7 yards. He also blocked the 50-yard field-goal attempt by PAUL ANDERSON that helped preserve Valhalla’s fourth shutout.

In three quarters, junior lefty BRYAN MADRIZ threw for 178 yards and two scores, completing 16 of 23 passes with one interception.

Senior wideout JACOB PAAPE caught five balls for 50 yards, including a 2-yard touchdown. The 6-foot-4, 230-pounder also booted a school-record 51-yard field goal that cleared the crossbar by at least 15 yards. Paape added a 33-yard field goal and now has seven on the season.

Tight end BRENT BURNETT – with his cheeks painted rosy pink – also got in the end zone, hauling in a short lob pass from Madriz and then bulling his way to paydirt for an 8-yard TD.

Seven different backs carried the ball for 241 yards and seven different receivers caught passes for 193 yards.

“I think that’s the thing about the offense this year,” Bussey said, “the ball is not just going to one or two guys. We’re spreading it around to a lot guys.”


West Hills junior QB HAYDEN ROACH scrambles for yards against Valhalla Friday night.

In his first five seasons, Bussey had always made the defensive calls. This year, he is calling plays on both sides of the ball.

“I don’t know if it’s a defensive coach calling offensive plays,” he said, “but I take what the defense gives us. And if we spread it around, I figure that keeps everybody happy.”

Valhalla has now outscored its opponents 237-14 with one of the scores against coming on an 80-yard play late in a 34-7 blowout of Mount Miguel.


Those are staggering numbers on both sides of the scoreboard, no matter who the opponents were. The four shutouts are just three shy of the Grossmont Conference record.

“They’re real tough defensively,” West Hills coach CASEY ASH said. “Obviously they’re light years ahead of us, and we were probably the best team they’ve played so far.”

Johnson was asked what delighted him more – the 34 points, his two touchdowns, his 147 yards or another shutout. Without hesitation, he proclaimed: “Another shutout.”

That certainly did not surprise Bussey. “Defense really prides itself on that,” he said. “Those shutouts are big.

“It takes a total team effort. We pride ourselves on that. We play a zone defense and not many teams do that. We work together. It’s not easy for a defender to step up, fill a hole and take a block so the other guy can make a tackle, but our kids bought into it.”

Paape bombed the opening kickoff into the end zone, and three plays later West Hills was forced to punt. After two short gains, Madriz found KHYREE POOLE downfield for a 23-yard gain. Madriz then faked an inside handoff to Johnson and raced around right end for a 36-yard pickup before being forced out of bounds at the 17-yard line.

Next play, Johnson followed some terrific blocks by JAKE SINES, JON WASHAM, center CASEY CASPER and TYLER EASTLICK, bounced outside to the right and rumbled for the 17-yard touchdown to cap the 81-yard drive.


Valhalla senior back JEROME JOHNSON eats up yardage against West Hills.

Valhalla forced another punt on the ensuing series and immediately got a 43-yard gain on a beautiful pass from Madriz to BRANDON FULLER, who was pulled down from behind and somersaulted to the 27-yard line.

On third down, Paape had an apparent first-down diving catch around the 15, but the official ruled that the ball hit the ground first. Paape then lined up for a 46-yard field goal but a delay of game set up the kick from 51 yards. Paape’s longest field goal had been 44 yards, and this 51-yarder probably would have been good from 65.

West Hills gained only one yard on its ensuing possession, forcing another punt, and Valhalla reeled off a 6-play, 52-yard scoring drive for a 17-0 lead on the first play of the second quarter.

Madriz hit BOSTYN THOMAS on an 8-yard gain and then Paape on a 32-yard pickup before Johnson scored his 12th touchdown on a 7-yard run through a gaping hole created by Casper, Eastlick, JACOB SMITH and Burnett.

“Shout out to my O-line,” Johnson said. “Honestly, that’s the bottom line. Shout out to those guys down in the trenches.”

Madriz was 9-of-14 for 144 yards in the first half. He completed his first six passes of the second half, including touchdowns to Paape and Burnett.

Paape finished the scoring with a 33-yard field goal in the fourth quarter after Madriz connected with PATRICK CROSBY on a 15-yard completion.

“We work as a unit,” Madriz said. “If I’m doing good, everybody’s doing good.”

Fuller caught six passes for 67 yards, Poole had three for 29 and Thomas 3 for 22. Madriz also rushed for 45 yards on four keepers, and ANTHONY PORTILLO added 33 yards on three touches.

West Hills leads the all-time series over Valhalla at 13-10-1, but the Norsemen have won six of the last eight.

West Hills had little to show on the stat sheet.

HAYDEN ROACH was 8-for-16 passing for 59 yards with an interception by TY SCHIMKE, his second of the year and Valhalla’s seventh. Valhalla’s BRANDON LEFFEW had the only sack of the game.

Roach, JOVAN BEA and GRIFFIN GUINN entered the contest each with 300-plus rushing yards. They finished with 18, 16 and 28 rushing yards, respectively. RICKY WILSON had three receptions for 29 yards.

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-2-56-43-amOn defense, West Hills’ DALLEN BROWNING recovered a fumble at the 5-yard line and intercepted a pass that set up Anderson’s field-goal attempt.

“I was proud of the way our kids competed,” Ash said. “Our execution was completely lacking, but I was proud of our effort.”

West Hills was penalized more yards (125 on 14 flags) than it gained on offense (99). Its best scoring chance came late in the game when Roach hit Wilson for a 9-yard gain and a first down at the 11-yard line. Three straight holding calls pushed the Wolf Pack beyond midfield.

“You can’t do that against a good team,” Ash said. “We really hurt ourselves there. But when their guys are bigger and faster, you maybe start adjusting your feet and holding because you’re getting beat. We hadn’t seen a team like that, so hopefully we’ll learn from that.”

West Hills was 5-6 last year and 3-1 in the Grossmont Valley League before being reassigned to the tougher Hills League this season. The Wolf Pack play at Steele Canyon next Friday.

To start the season, the Norsemen beat up on Scripps Ranch (30-0), Granite Hills (37-7), Mount Miguel (34-7), Mar Vista (45-0) and Patrick Henry (57-0) before a bye last week.

Valhalla’s 2005 team began 7-0 before two consecutive ties. The Norsemen were 9-0-2 that year before losing to St. Augustine in the semifinals.

Next Friday, Valhalla plays at Grossmont in a rare matchup of 6-0 teams.

“That game has been circled on the calendar for a long time,” Bussey said. “The kids are really looking forward to that one. I guess the coaches are, too.”

Norsemen leave little room for improvement





East County Sports Staff Report


EL CAJON (9-24-16) — Valhalla’s Orange Crush defense, the successor to last season’s Law Firm defense, is improving… slightly.


Last week they limited Mar Vista to 75 yards total offense.  Friday evening (Sept. 23), the Crush did exactly that to Patrick Henry, begrudging the visitors a mere 72 yards total offense in a lopsided 57-0 rout before a large Homecoming crowd.



Valhalla’s JEROME JOHNSON carries against Patrick Henry Friday night during Homecoming.

The halftime fireworks took place on Valhalla’s side of the stadium; during the game, the fireworks took place on Valhalla’s side of the line of scrimmage – both on offense and defense.


Senior running back JEROME JOHNSON only carried the ball 12 times in the game, but made ‘em count, scoring 3 touchdowns on the ground, the first coming with 8:38 left in the first quarter when he ran around the right end, followed a great block by BRENT BURNETT, and skittered 15 yards into the end zone.  After senior kicker JACOB PAAPE (7-8 PAT) cleared the uprights, the Norsemen led 7-0.


About a minute later, the home team scored a safety when a bad snap past the Patriots’ punter went out of the end zone, making it 9-0 at the 7:22 mark.


Following the safety, CONNOR MOSER returned the free kick 13 yards to the Patriots’ 32 yard line.



BRANDON FULLER secures the ball for Valhalla Friday night.

On first down, junior quarterback DENNIS DAHLIN threw a beautiful spiral into the waiting arms of senior wide receiver BRANDON FULLER for a 32 yard TD, increasing the lead to 16-0, less than five minutes into the game.


Apparently, Fuller is fully recovered from his injury that idled him for two games because he snagged another bomb from Dahlin the next time the El Cajon team had the ball, a virtual duplicate of the preceding touchdown, except that this one was for 28 yards.  Valhalla led 23-0, with 4:33 left in the first period, with plenty of time to score again.


After Paape kicked his third straight touchback on the ensuing kickoff (8-9 touchbacks), the Patriots tried to get something going on offense.


On first down, linebacker Burnett stepped in front of the receiver to knock down the pass.  After a 1 yard gain, the visitors faced a 3rd and 9 from their 21 yard line.  This time, junior linebacker BRANDON GARZA sacked the quarterback for a 5 yard loss, forcing another punt.



Valhalla senior ANTHONY PORTILLO carries Friday night against Patrick Henry. / photo by Don De Mars Photography

Valhalla’s next series was a large dose of Johnson, where he covered 39 yards in four carries, finishing with a 1 yard pop into the end zone, putting the game out of reach, 30-0, with 1:36 remaining in the first quarter.


Amazingly, the Norsemen got yet another opportunity to score before the second quarter began when another bad snap on a punt gave Valhalla the ball on the Patriots’ 6 yard line, with 10 seconds left in the period, but it took two plays to find paydirt when Johnson scored his third TD of the evening on a 5 yard run to open the second stanza, upping the score to 37-0.


Three plays later, after the Patriots had started to move the ball on offense after a 16 yard run, Garza jarred the ball loose from a Henry runner that was scooped up by junior linebacker JACE MANNING, who raced 37 yards for a defensive touchdown, giving the Norsemen an insurmountable 44-0 lead at the 10:16 mark before intermission.


Midway through the second quarter, Henry’s offense perked up and managed a 14 play drive to the Valhalla 36 yard line, but, alas, on 3rd and 13, senior defensive back ROLAND GLOVER intercepted his second pass of the season, returning it 20 yards to the Valhalla 43-yard line.



Valhalla’s ROLAND GLOVER returns an interception on Friday night against Patrick Henry.

Early in the second half, junior quarterback BRYAN MADRIZ found senior wide receiver PATRICK CROSBY open downfield, who took the pass in stride, made some nice moves evading tacklers and sprinted to pay dirt.  This time, a low snap resulted in a missed PAT, and Valhalla led 50-0, with 9:34 left in the third quarter.


The Norsemen added another score later in the third quarter when Madriz lofted a fade pass to Paape, who snagged it above a leaping Patriots’ defensive back who fell on the attempt, leaving Paape alone to turn it into a 47 yard TD pass-catch-run, ending the scoring at 57-0, with 5:14 remaining.  Mercifully, the 4th quarter was on a running clock.


In addition to his fumble recovery touchdown return, Manning had two more quarterback sacks, giving him 8 sacks in 5 games.


Dahlin and Madriz only threw 16 passes combined, but 4 of them were for touchdowns, the shortest TD pass being 28 yards.  Fuller led all receivers with 4 catches, 2 TDs, and 76 yards.


To date, Valhalla is averaging over 40 points per game, and has held its opposition to an average of 3 points per game, garnering three shutouts in five contests.

Norsemen drown Mariners for another shutout





EastCountySports.com staff report


IMPERIAL BEACH – The moon was full when the Norsemen bussed down the freeway of life to Imperial Beach Friday evening (Sept. 16) to take on the Mar Vista Mariners. Unfortunately, Mar Vista’s squad was not full, with several starters serving a one game suspension.


Prior to tonight’s game, Mar Vista’s high powered offense had steamrolled their three previous opponents, under the tutelage of offensive coordinator STEVE SUTTON, long-time former head football at West Hills and Valhalla.  Against the “Orange Crush” defense, Mar Vista’s depleted offense managed to gain only 76 yards, in a 45-0 shellacking.



Valhalla’s DJ Madara makes a reception Friday night.

The opening kickoff was a harbinger of things to come.  Senior kicker JACOB PAAPE sailed the ball to the Mariners’ 1-yard line where it was returned to the 25-yard line when Valhalla’s BRIAN SULLIVAN and JOHNNY KOREL smacked the ball carrier, forcing a fumble that was recovered by Mar Vista on its 31-yard line.


On first down, senior linebacker BRENT BURNETT shot the gap and smothered the running back for a 4-yard loss, also knocking the ball loose.  Once again, the home team recovered the fumble.  Three plays later, Burnett blocked the Mariners’ punt, which was recovered by linebacker JOSH HERNANDEZ and returned 10-yards to the Mar Vista 18-yard line, giving Valhallaexcellent field position.


Senior running back JEROME JOHNSON put that field position to good use on first down as he sliced through the line and waltzed into the end zone for an 18-yard TD.  Paape’s PAT (6-6) was perfect, and Valhalla led 7-0, less than two minutes into the game.


Mar Vista’s second opportunity didn’t fare any better and was forced to punt after failing to get a first down.


With the ball at his own 38-yard line, junior quarterback BRYAN MADRIZ didn’t waste time getting the El Cajon boys back on the scoreboard.



Valhalla’s CONNOR MOSER scores a touchdown for Valhalla Friday night at Mar Vista.

On first down, he threw a bomb to the multi-talented Paape for a 36-yard gain to the Mariners’ 26-yard line.  After Burnett hauled in a 15-yard pass to the Mar Vista 2-yard line, Johnson took over, scoring his second touchdown of the evening on a 1-yard blast up the middle, upping the lead to 14-0, with 6:07 remaining in the first quarter.


The die was cast:  once again, Mar Vista was stymied when they tried to generate some offense on their next possession, which ended abruptly on their 41-yard line when junior defensive back TY SCHIMKE picked off an errant pass.


Madriz moved the Valhalla offense quickly down the field on a 6-play drive, which ended when slot back DJ MADARA caught a quick hitter from Madriz for a 7-yard pass-catch TD, making it a 21-0 game at the 2:33 mark of the initial period.


Mar Vista had 8 offensive series in the first half, but was unable to generate even one first down.


The Mariners did get possession of the football in Valhalla territory in the second quarter when defensive end Jake Borst recovered a fumble at the Norsemen 28-yard line, but that short-lived success lasted only one play; senior defensive back ROLAND GLOVER picked off an errant pass on first down and returned it 20 yards with a nifty run up the sideline.



A Valhalla player runs with the ball Friday night.

After junior COLE LEWIS snagged a pass from junior quarterback DENNIS DAHLIN and turned it into a 24-yard gain with some extra effort, Paape kicked a 35-yard field goal in the second quarter, giving the Norsemen a 24-0 half time lead.


The second half started with a bang.


Following the Mariners’ only kickoff of the game, Valhalla started at its own 20-yard line.  On first down, Johnson was provided a big hole at the line of scrimmage by his horses up front, and galloped all the way to the Mariners’ 7-yard line for a 73-yard gain.


Two plays later, Madriz found Burnett open in the flats, tossed him the ball for what appeared yet another Norsemen touchdown, but a defender knocked the ball loose at the 2-yard line and fell on it, giving the beleaguered Mar Vista defense a breather.


The Mar Vista defense didn’t get much of a breather, however, because, once again, the Orange Crush defense created another 3-and-out for the Mariners’ offense when junior defensive lineman JOSH McNISH-HEIDER and senior linebacker MILES PANZARELLA flattened the ball carrier for a 1-yard loss on 3rd down, at the Mariner 5-yard line.



Valhalla defenders bring down the Mar Vista ball carrier Friday night.

Following the punt, Valhalla started at the Mar Vista 31-yard line, but didn’t spend much time there.  On first down, Madriz threw it straight and true to wide receiver CONNOR MOSER on the sideline, who danced unmolested into the end zone, putting the game out of reach at 31-0 with 8:43 left in the third quarter.


After Mar Vista was unable once again to garner a first down, their often-used punter kicked it to KHYREE POOLE at the Valhalla 35-yard line, who quickly outran the opposition to pay-dirt for a 65-yard punt return TD, making it 38-0 at the 5:08 mark of the third quarter, and mercifully bringing a running clock into play.


Valhalla scored again in the 4th quarter after senior running back BOSTYN THOMAS squirted into the end zone from 1-yard out.


For the Norsemen, Johnson carried the ball only 7 times, but rumbled for 110 yards and scored two touchdowns.  Madriz was 8-13-0 for 140 yards and two TDs.

Matadors roll up late, Norse just roll





EastCountySports.com staff report


EL CAJON  – The bus transporting the Mount Miguel varsity football team to Valhalla Friday evening (Sept. 9) for the Matadors’ annual match-up with the Norsemen was a bit late, cutting into the visitors’ pre-game warm-up time.  As a result, it took a while for the Spring Valley boys to settle down and get their offense in gear.

Valhalla’s KHYREE POOLE returned the opening kickoff to the Valhalla 37-yard line, giving the home team good starting field position.

Junior quarterback BRYAN MADRIZ found senior BRENT BURNETT open on first down and connected with a quick pass. Unfortunately, Burnett slipped making his cut into the open field and settled for a 3-yard gain to the 40.


Valhalla QB BRYAN MADRIZ runs with the ball on Friday night.

An offside penalty by the Matadors’ jittery defensive front tacked on five yards, followed by senior running back JEROME JOHNSON’S 4-yard burst up the middle, earning the Norsemen a first down at their 49-yard line.

Madriz quickly threw a dart to senior wide receiver DJ MADARA for a 16-yard gain to the Matadors’ 35-yard line, but a jarring tackle by senior linebacker CAMERON HANSON knocked the ball loose. The Matadors pounced on the loose ball, giving their offense an opportunity to score first.

On first down, junior running back SANTINO PACHECO sprinted up the middle for a 7-yard gain to the visitors’ 42-yard line, where defensive lineman MIGUEL PEREZ brought him down, saving a huge gain.

On the next play, the missed warm-up time reared its ugly head when an errant snap over senior quarterback BENNY VALADEZ’ head was recovered by Valhalla’s senior defensive back ANTHONY PORTILLO at the Mount Miguel 22-yard line.

On first down, Johnson, following blockers JON WASHAM and JACOB SMITH, galloped 16-yards to the Matadors’ 6-yard line. Two plays later, Johnson waltzed into the end zone for a 2-yard touchdown. After JACOB PAAPE split the uprights (3-3 PAT), Valhalla led 7-0, with 8:52 remaining in the first stanza.

Paape’s ensuing kickoff sailed out of the end zone still in the air, traveling more than 70 yards (6 of 7 kickoffs were touchbacks).

On first down, it looked like Mount Miguel finally got warmed up.

Junior running back SHEMAR GREENE, the early-season second leading East County rusher, showed that those stats are no fluke when he gained 14 yards on first down, starting the Matador offense on a 14-play drive.

A combination of Greene’s running and Valadez’ passing moved the Matadors quickly into Valhalla territory at the 39-yard line, but a holding penalty killed the drive, forcing a punt.

Late in the first quarter, after forcing Valhalla to punt, Mount Miguel started at its 13-yard line.  Valadez completed a short pass on first down, but linebacker Burnett knocked the ball loose that was recovered by Norseman defensive back DENNIS DAHLIN, who returned it to the Matadors’ 11-yard line.


Valhalla makes a tackle Friday night against Mount Miguel.

Two plays later, and just 7 seconds into the second quarter, Dahlin, now playing quarterback, threw a nifty fade pass to multi-talented Paape for a 16-yard touchdown, increasing Valhalla’s lead to 14-0.

After stopping Mount Miguel on its next offensive series, Valhalla forced a punt from the Matadors’ 48-yard line, which was fielded by junior TY SCHIMKE at the Valhalla 21-yard line. Schimke juked and wove his way down the field all the way to the end zone for an apparent 79-yard touchdown; however, a very controversial penalty for blocking one of the defenders “too hard” negated the touchdown.

Late in the first half, Paape once again lit up the scoreboard, this time booming a 44-yard field goal. With 2:38 left before intermission, Valhalla took a commanding 17-0 lead.

Starting the second half at their usual 20-yard line after another Paape touchback kickoff, Mount Miguel ran into a stiffened Valhalla defense. Junior defensive lineman JOSH McNISH-HEIDER stopped the ball carrier in his tracks for a 1-yard gain on first down.

Pacheco picked up five yards on second down before he was stopped by junior defensive back Schimke.  Facing a 3rd and 4 at his 26-yard line, Valadez threw a quick-hitter to junior wide receiver MUGABEE MILLER for what looked like was going to be a big gain, but Valhalla’s Burnett came out of nowhere and stopped the runner short of the first down marker, forcing yet another punt, and giving Valhalla good field position at its 46-yard line.

Madriz didn’t waste any time.

On first down, he kept the ball and ran for a 12-yard gain to the Matadors’ 42-yard line.  He then hooked up with Madara for 8 yards to the 34, where a sure-handed tackle by senior corner back DOMARIUS HAYDEN saved a big gain.

After moving to the 21-yard line, the drive stalled, but on 4th and 1, Madriz broke free for a 7-yard gain to the 12.  On the next play, Madriz duplicated Dahlin’s earlier TD toss to Paape, this time for 12 yards, extending Valhalla’s lead to 24-0 at the 7:45 mark of the third period.

Things quickly worsened for the Spring Valley lads. On first down at their 20, the Matadors’ quarterback was flattened and sacked by junior linebacker JACE MANNING for a 7-yard loss. Manning also knocked the ball loose, which was picked up by junior linebacker DYLAN MARSH, who returned it 8 yards to the Mount Miguel 5-yard line.


Valhalla on offense Friday night against Mount Miguel.

With their backs against the wall, and with the game probably out of reach, it would have been easy for the Matadors’ defense to fold in this situation.  To their credit, they hung tough – and then some.  On first and goal from the 5, it looked like Johnson was going to power his way into the endzone, but linebacker Hanson made a determined tackle at the 3.

On second down, quarterback Dahlin found the mismatch he wanted: A tall receiver in Paape, and a much shorter cornerback in senior MARIO COKER.  Dahlin threw it high so only Paape could go up and get it. The pass was perfectly thrown and Paape was in perfect position – at the last second Coker jumped and knocked it away, saving a touchdown.

On third down, a botched ball exchange resulted in a fumble that center CASEY CASPER recovered for Valhalla, forcing another field goal attempt. Paape’s aim was true; Valhalla led 27-0, with 5:54 left.

Mount Miguel finally got off the schneid mid-way through the final period when Pacheco broke free and raced 80 yards for a TD.  After JOEL BEAS supplied the PAT, it was 27-7 with 5:54 left in the game.

A few seconds later, Madriz returned the favor, motoring 52 yards for another Valhalla touchdown.

This time, senior YOUSOF AHMED supplied the PAT, ending the scoring at 37-7, the third straight week the Norsemen have scored at least 30 points.  To date, Valhalla has scored 104 points and given up only 14.

The irony of the session is Mount Miguel actually outgained Valhalla in offensive output, 332 yards to 293.

Valhalla’s Johnson rushed for 111 yards in 19 carries, to lead the Norsemen. The Matadors’ Greene had over 100 yards on the ground in the first half, but left the game with a turned ankle.

“We came out a little too fired up,” said Valhalla skipper CHARLES BUSSEY.

It didn’t matter however.                         






© East County Sports.com staff report


EL CAJON (9-3-16) — Pads were popping and tempers were flaring Friday evening (Sept. 2) when Valhalla hosted cross-town rival Granite Hills.  Both teams had strong defensive performances the previous week, but the Norsemen had too much horsepower (perhaps it was Norsepower) for the Eagles, drubbing the visitors 37-7.

Following the opening kickoff, Valhalla started at its 22-yard line, but it didn’t stay in that neighborhood very long.

Junior quarterback BRYAN MADRIZ found senior wide receiver BRANDON FULLER open for a 16-yard gain to the Norsemen 42-yard line.

On the next play, senior slot back BOSTYN THOMAS popped free for a 17-yard run to the Eagles’ 41.  On second down, Madriz threw a dart to senior wide receiver/kicker JACOB PAAPE for 16 more yards to the 27-yard line.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.59.16 AM

Valhalla’s Josh McNish-Heider tackles a Granite Hills ball carrier Friday night.

Before the reeling Eagles’ defense could recover, Madriz rolled to his right on the next play and lofted a spiral to a streaking Thomas, who took the pass in full stride into the end zone for the first score of the game.  The PAT was wide right, but Valhalla led 6-0 less than 3 minutes into the game.

After Paape boomed the ensuing kickoff (5-of-6 for touchbacks) into the end zone, junior quarterback JAKE SIEGFRIED tried to get the Granite offense in gear, starting at their 20- yard line.

Things didn’t go well.

Siegfried was flushed from the pocket on first down by senior linebacker JOSH HERNANDEZ into the waiting arms of senior defensive back ANTHONY PORTILLO for no gain.  On second down, junior defensive lineman JOSH McNISH-HEIDER flattened the ball carrier for a 3-yard loss.

Undeterred, Siegfried threw a strike downfield to senior wide receiver GUSTAVO GUTIERREZ for what looked like a first down, but at the last second, the ball was knocked away by Valhalla’s senior defensive back BRENNAN COX, forcing a punt.

Trying to extend its lead early, Valhalla began its next offensive series at its 47-yard line.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.58.27 AM

Valhalla’s JACOB PAAPE goes up for a reception Friday night.

On first down, hard charging JEROME JOHNSON followed his blockers (JACOB SMITH, TYLER EASTLICK, CASEY CASPER, JON WASHAM and JAKE SINES) up the middle for a 7-yard gain.

The home team quickly advanced to the Eagles’ 37-yard line, but the drive fizzled when junior defensive lineman TYLER GONZALEZ sacked the quarterback for a 5-yard loss, forcing a punt, which was downed at the Granite 8 yard line.

Bad field position and back-to-back sacks by Valhalla’s McNish-Heider and junior linebacker JACE MANNING, followed by an incomplete pass under heavy pressure by Hernandez, was a recipe for disaster.

Senior kicker BRYCE STRICKLAND lined up to punt the football, but a bad snap took away that opportunity; Strickland made a valiant effort to find a receiver for a desperation pass, but it fell incomplete—and Valhalla took over at the Eagles’ 9 yard line.

From there, it was all Johnson; three quick running plays culminated in a touchdown.  This time, Paape’s (3-4) aim was clear and the Norsemen led 13-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Granite Hills got some momentum going in the second period when senior defensive back BRENDEN QUILL picked off an errant pass at the Eagles’ 31-yard line and returned it 17 yards to the 48-yard line, giving his offense good field position for the first time in the game.

This time, Siegfried worked the ground game by scampering 14 yards to the Valhalla 33-yard line.

Two plays later, senior running back KOLLIN MENZIES burst through the middle for a 15-yard gain to the Valhalla 14, and six plays later Siegfried bulled into the end zone from 1-yard out.  Strickland supplied the PAT, cutting Valhalla’s lead to 13-7, with 3:45 remaining until intermission.

Valhalla put the last three minutes of the first half to good use.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.59.29 AM


Starting at the 20-yard line after the kickoff, on second down, Madriz heaved a bomb to Paape deep on the left sideline for a 36-yard pickup to the Eagles’ 41.

After a false start moved them back to the 46, Madriz and senior DJ MADARA connected on back-to-back passes to the 30-yard line.

Then it was Johnson time:  the burly back plowed for 17 yards to the visitors’ 13-yard line, then to the 6, and then the 2, and finally into the end zone for his second rushing TD of the evening, only 52 seconds before halftime, upping the lead to 20-7.

Neither team could generate much offense in the third quarter until Granite Hills started a drive at its 5-yard line late in the period.  A 22-yard jaunt by Menzies got the troops out to the 32-yard line and some breathing room.  A Norsemen personal foul penalty and a nifty 14-yard run by Siegfried enabled the lads from east El Cajon to get to Valhalla’s 18-yard line, but the quest to close the scoring gap fizzled when Valhalla’s Portillo intercepted a pass at the 10-yard line and returned it 35 yards to the Norsemen 45-yard line as the period wound down.

As the fourth quarter opened, Madriz sprinted 11 yards to the Eagles’ 34, sprung by a downfield block by wide receiver Fuller where he was driven out of bounds – and then some.  The resultant personal foul penalty placed the pigskin at the 19-yard line.

On the next play, Madriz thanked Fuller for the great block by lofting a fade pass to him on the right side line, enabling the speedy receiver to dance into the end zone, giving the Norsemen a commanding lead, 27-7, only 18 seconds into the last period.

Of course, the night before, the San Diego Chargers thought they had a commanding lead early in the 4th quarter against San Francisco, but they were wrong.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.58.42 AM

Valhalla’s JEROME JOHNSON carries against Granite Hills Friday night.

That gave the Eagles some hope that they could snatch victory from defeat.  Starting at their 20-yard line, those hopes were quickly dashed.

Manning and senior linebacker BRENT BURNETT smothered the ball carrier for a 4-yard loss on first down.  On the next play, junior linebacker DYLAN MARSH, who had a safety the previous week when he tackled the ball carrier in the end zone at Scripps Ranch, sacked the quarterback for another 4- yard loss.

Valhalla scored again on its next possession when Paape converted a 26-yard field goal, and scored again late after Johnson picked off an errant pass and returned it 42 yards near midfield.

After junior slot back TYLER SCHIMKE ripped off a 25-yard run to the Granite 33 yard line, a double-personal foul penalty moved the ball even further, to the Eagles’ 9 yard line, as those tempers flared.  Senior slot back KHYREE POOLE scored on a 9 yard reverse.  This time, AHMAD YUSOF kicked the PAT to end the scoring, 37-7.

Six Eagles contributed to 110 yards rushing. Menzies led the attack with 40 yards on 11 carries. Siegfried rushed for 27 yards on eight carries and accounted for Granite Hills’ only touchdown. Siegfried also completed 8 of 21 passes for 74 yards but suffered two interceptions in the process. BRENDEN QUILL had an interception for the Eagles.

The Norsemen offense generated 368 yards.  Madriz was very efficient (14-20-1, 178 yards, 2 TDs), as was Johnson, on the ground (17 carries, 83 yards, 2 TDs), and the Valhalla defense was equally efficient, limiting the Eagles to 175 total yards.

The Norsemen offense generated 368 yards.  Madriz was very efficient (14-20-1, 178 yards, 2 TDs), as was Johnson, on the ground (17 carries, 83 yards, 2 TDs), and the Valhalla defense was equally efficient, limiting the Eagles to 175 total yards.  

Valhalla Football