Welcome to the VHS Field Hockey Website

Next Game:
Madison on Wednesday at 3:30pm (Var only)

What to bring:
All skill levels are accepted.
 No prior experience is needed.

Shin Guards
Field Hockey shin guards are needed, but are sometimes 
hard to find locally. Sports Authority and Dick's have had
them in the past.  Most north county stores stock them. 
Call first to see if they are in stock.
Running Shoes

Cleats - if you have them
Some girls prefer turf shoes, and you may want to 
see what your preference will be.

Mouth Guard

Goggles will also be necessary for games. 
 They need to be Field Hockey Certified

For games, players will also need solid, dark shorts 
to wear under their skirt.  Compression shorts, volleyball
shorts or spanks work best.

We also wear orange soccer socks

Field hockey sticks will be available for use.