This page is the start page for Facility Requests for Valhalla High School. These forms are for Valhalla Events only. If you are an outside club or group, please contact the Manager of School Facilities at 619-593-5351. If you are a Valhalla Staff Member, Student, or Booster Member, please choose the correct link below to complete the form. 
Thank you.
For Athletic Facilities,

Main Gym, Mini Gym, Weight Room, Stadium Field, Lower Field, Back Field, Baseball Field, Softball Field, Tennis Courts, Outdoor Courts, Sand Courts, Pool Deck Patio or Grass in Front of Gym.

CLICK HERE to submit your request.

For Theater Facilities,

CLICK HERE to submit your request

For Library Facilities,

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For Other General Facilities,

Quiet Study Area, Student Center, Quad by the Pool, East Lawn, Parking Lots, or Specific Classroom(s), 
If you are doing a school wide, multi-venue event, that includes any of the other three types of venues on the left hand side of this page.

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Note: These requests are sent to the person who oversees those facilities. Once approved, they will forward the email to the Asst. Principal and Facilities Manager. If it is not approved, they will send back to the Advisor's Email, the reasons why the request was denied. Approved Facility Requests will be placed on the School Website's Facility Calendar.

For Athletic Facilities, request goes to the Athletic Director
For Theater, request goes to the Theater Teacher
For Library, request goes to the Librarian.
For Other General Facilities, request goes to the Asst. Principal.