Please use the following links to view video help for each specific item in Engrade.

1.  Signing up for an Engrade account (teachers) - video
2.  Creating a new class - video
3.  Entering student names - video
4.  Downloading roster into Engrade - video
5.  Creating a new assignment - video
6.  Changing class settings - video
7.  Changing your user password - video
8.  Attaching a file to your calendar - video
9.  Printing reports - video
Note:  When choosing to print the entire grade book, you have the opportunity to hide the student names so you can post grades in your classroom showing only the student ID numbers.
10.  Student Access - video
Note:  The student only needs his/her access code once.  The code is the same for all teachers.  Once the student has the access code and has set up an account, that student can see grades from all classes and all teachers that use Engrade.