¡Bienvenidos! a mi página web.                                                                       Welcome to my webpage.

          I would welcome all students and parents to explore my webpage.   It works best if you use Google Chrome browser to view.   Also,  for students to access all the pages students must be logged into their school account for security purposes. (copyrighted material)

I expect students to visit this site daily.   Especially the Calendar tab to see current assignments.    I need you to visit the resources and screen casts tabs to learn how to do new projects.    I will be updating this site throughout the year.  We are emphasizing technology in the classroom to prepare students for the common core exams.  Spanish 1  will be using , ¡Así Se Dice 1!  Spanish speakers will be using Español para nosotros and Buen Viaje 2.      I hope to have a great year and get to know you all.   Welcome to Granite Hills High School and Spanish with Sr. Jiménez.

 If you have any suggestions or find any errors please email me at jjimenez@guhsd.net.    Remember this is our class website.