Senior Information: 
Senior Portraits: 
Portraits sessions are free, you must be photographed by Boyd Anderson to be featured in the yearbook. You can book your appointment at or (619) 444-1184. Book early!
Senior Ads: 
***Purchase is for ad only, does not include the yearbook. *** Only available until Winter Break

$25 discount in effect until October 31st
  • Full Page Senior Memory Ad: $225 --> $200 
  • Half Page Senior Memory Ad: $125 --> $100 
  • Quarter Page Senior Memory Ad: $75 --> $50 
  • 1/8th page Senior Memory Ad: $55 --> $30 
Nov.1st-Winter Break
  • Full Page Senior Memory Ad$225 
  • Half Page Senior Memory Ad$125 
  • Quarter Page Senior Memory Ad$75 
  • 1/8th page Senior Memory Ad: $55 
***Once you purchase your ad, upload photos to the following link, and the yearbook editors will create an ad for you. They will send your a PDF for your approval and or revisions before publishing it in the yearbook. 
  1. Submit Here
  2. Tag your Photos: Senior Ad

Underclass  Information: 
Make sure to purchase your Freshmen combination pack, or ASB combination pack!

2014-2015 YEARBOOKS win Big!
A big congratulations goes out to the Santana's Yearbook Staff, our yearbook won the “Best in Class” award, the first time ever for Santana, competing with over eighty other schools around San Diego. Success isn’t new to the yearbook staff.  They’ve won seven first place Blue Ribbons in the past eight years, but this year’s award marks our first time winning Best in Class. The staff’s consistent hard work to crank out new and creative ideas has paid off.  A special thanks to editors: Ansley Wilson, Ryley Becker & Ashley Morris who spent much of their time after school and on weekends working on this book. Way to go!

Can I turn in photos for the yearbook to use?
Yearbook is happy to accept any pictures you or your students take of activities that are school related, ie... club activities, sporting events, community service projects etc. In addition, throughout the year we will be asking for special photographs to complete our pages, please read the bulletin for the yearbook request. If we do not use your son or daughters photograph, we mean nothing personal by it, sometimes it just does not fit the format of our template pages. Please upload photos directly HERE (entries not accepted after Dec 2017). Please include names, ages and any other useful information to identify the photos. If we don't have this information, we can't use the photos.
Yearbook Sales Information:

***use the browsers Firefox or Chrome
Book prices: 
  • From the first day of school through October 31st, Books are $85
  • From Nov 1st through January 5th, Books are $90 
  • From January 6th-May 31st, Books are $95
  • From June 1st-End of the school year, Books are $100
I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to buy your book early. We have sold out in the past. Although we increased our order of books this year as a rule of thumb, we do not order more than were sold the previous school year. Although not guaranteed we usually receive a limited number of overruns from the printer and will sell those after the books have been distributed for $100 from the finance office. 

Also available: 
Freshmen Combo Package $135 which includes: (only offered through Oct. 31st)
  • 2017-2018 YEARBOOK
  • ASB Card
  • PE Clothes
  • Class of 2021 T-Shirt
  • Choice of Key Chain OR Window Cling

The ASB Combo Package $120 which includes: (only offered through Oct. 31st)
  • 2017-18 YEARBOOK
  • ASB Card
  • New Design Purple Reign T-shirt
  • Santana Earbuds

***Engraved nameplates not available.

When will I get my book?
  • Books will be distributed at the beginning of June
  • Seniors will pick up during the senior BBQ, all other students after school.
  • You must have a  PHOTO ID (school or California) to get your book.
  • You must pick up your own book.
  • We apologize for any inconvenience, but it is necessary.

  • 2015 Best in Class—San Diego County Fair
  • 2014 Featured in "Ideas that Fly" Herff Jones
  • 2011-2014— 1st Place- San Diego County Fair
  • 2006-2009— 1st Place- San Diego County Fair 

If you notice an error.
The yearbook pages are completed within about four months. We try to catch every error and correct them. With the pace being so fast, it is inevitable that some errors occur. Within those months, we are designing, brainstorming, gathering and taking photos, interviewing and creating the copy. With such an enormous task on our hands, we are sorry if any error happens to you or your student, whether it be spelling, grade, misidentification, etc... we truly apologize. The class has on average 25 students and one advisor, we proof and edit the pages constantly within the class, as well as ask for outside help, if an error happens, it is not on purpose or personal and we sincerely apologize. Please understand our goal is to make the perfect yearbook and it is disheartening to us when errors are made.

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