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Credit Recovery

Students who need to make up course work have three options at Santana.  Priority for online courses are given to seniors and students can register through their counselor.  
Edgeunity (e2020) - Online
  • During School Day
  • All Subjects (English, History, Math, Science, Electives)
  • DOES Meet Graduation Requirements 
  • DOES NOT Meet 'a-g' College Admission Requirements 
  • DOES NOT Meet NCAA Requirements
APEX - Online  
  • During School Day
  • Many Subjects (English, History, Match, World Language)
  • DOES Meet Graduation Requirements
  • DOES Meet 'a-g' College Admission Requirements
  • DOES Meet NCAA Requirements (As of January 2015)
Summer School - Traditional & Online
  • 3 weeks (June 20 - July 8, 2016) - Tentative
  • 1 Semester Course (F grade)
  • All Subjects (English, Math, History, Science, Electives, Spanish)
  • DOES Meet Graduation Requirements
  • (Traditional & APEX) DOES Meet 'a-g' College Admission Requirements & NCAA Requirements