9th Grade

9th Grade

Enjoy School!  And not only as a prelude to college but as a place where you are developing as a student and as a person.

Establish strong study habits and time management techniques

Use the Internet to explore college websites so that you can begin gathering information on college entrance requirements, admissions and general information.  

Work to enhance your reading and writing abilities and vocabulary. 

Keep your grades up.  Do at least one hour of homework/study every night. 

Plan your sophomore year schedule with care (scheduling usually begins in Feb./March of your freshman year).  Take classes appropriate for you.  Take courses that meet the California “A-G” requirements.  Plan to take at least 2 years of a foreign language course and consider honors level courses. Push yourself, but know your limits.  Colleges look carefully at your choice of classes, not just your grades.  

Make sure your counselor and academic advisor know you are planning to go to college. 

Pursue extracurricular activities and perhaps investigate new activities in which you would like to participate. Consider doing community service, which may be taken into consideration for college admissions and often plays on important role in obtaining scholarships. 

Think about your interests and how those interests might translate into career options.  Investigate career options and college majors you may be interested in by utilizing the Internet. 

Create a personal file where you keep copies of report cards, certificates, a list of awards and honors received, a list of school and community activities you’ve participated in, and jobs you’ve held (volunteer or paid).