10th Grade

10th Grade

College Planning Goals – Sophomore 

Continue with the activities accomplished from your freshman year.  Start thinking about qualities which would make a college right for you.  What size is best? Do you have a location preference?  Does the college offer the major you’re interested in? 

• Work hard to get A’s and B’s in your classes and do at least 1 - 2 hours of homework each night. 

• Plan your junior year carefully.  A strong college preparatory program balanced with courses in English, mathematics, science, social science and foreign language is important. Make sure you take classes that are meeting the “A-G” requirements. 

• Pay attention to what friends are saying about their college experiences. 

• Sit in on presentations with college representatives who visit your school.  Representatives often visit the AVID classroom.  Watch the bulletin for info. 

• Students should strongly consider taking the Preliminary SAT exam (PSAT) this year to prepare for the SAT.  The PSAT is usually given in October.  Talk to your counselor.