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Biological Parents

Team 1
The main question was Do you live with your biological parents?
  • 23 Females answered yes while 26 Males answered yes 
  • It was equal when 7 Females and 7 Males answered no
  • 3 Females said they live with step-parents and 2 Males answered that they lived with step-parents 
  • 13 Females said that they only live with one parents while Males answered 11 only living with one parent 
  • Lastly 7 Females, and 4 Males said other. Such as being adopted,being in college or living with a friend 
Do you agree with the issue of abortion?
  • 24 Females said pro-life while 17 Males answered pro-life 
  • 28 Females voted pro-choice and 27 Males said pro-choice 
  • And only 3 Females and 5 Males said no opinion 
Do you agree with the legalization of marijuana? 
  • 24 Females and 32 Males said they either agree or strongly agree
  • 27 Females and 16 Males said they disagree or strongly disagree
Do you believe in legalizing gay marriage?
  • 33 Females and 24 Males said they agree or strongly agree with legalizing gay marriage 
  • 19 Females and 24 Males said they either disagree or strongly disagree 

    We analyzed that the majority of the people who took the survey said yes to living with their parents and very few had different arrangements such as living with a grand-parent or a friend. That lead to a variety of different questions. From the question of abortion we saw that the majority of females said pro life while way more males answered pro choice. I think that shows the difference between males and females, and how many of the girls who took the survey have motherly qualities, while the males were thinking about all the consequences. We also saw that more males agreed or strongly agreed to legalizing marijuana than females did. Many of the males that said they strongly agreed to legalizing marijuana lived with only one parent or lived with step parents or answered no to the question that they did not live with biological parents. While the females who did agree to legalizing marijuana were in the same condition they lived with only one parent or lived with step parents. Lastly we saw that many more females agreed to legalizing gay marriage than males did. Many more females agreed or strongly agreed than disagreed while males it was 50/50. From all of our findings we saw a few main points. First we saw that for the most part the females and males who lived with both biological parents answered with more traditional views and seemed to answer from most likely what their parents views were. Secondly we saw that very few people lived with step parents and many more answers said they lived with only one parent. Lastly from all of our questions many people answered with a percentage of what their parents,step parents or whomever think. If their biological parents think that marijuana should be legalized typically teenagers seemed to take their parents views into mind.


What is your age?

50 plus00%

What is your gender?


Do you live with both biological parents?

I live with step-parents 55%
I live with only one parent 2624%

Do you agree with the issue of abortion?

Pro Life 4340%
Pro Choice 5753%
No opinion 87%

Do you agree with the legalization of marijuana?

Strongly agree2120%
Strongly disagree 2019%
Disagree 2523%

Do you believe in legalizing gay marriage?

Strongly agree3432%
Strongly disagree2624%

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