Construction Education

Building Skills is a IDEA high school program designed to give students the opportunity to explore their interests and aptitudes for a career in the construction industry. Students work in teams of 2 covering 17 construction trade areas.

BuildingSkills CTAs

Each five-day IDEA students begins with tool, vocabulary, and material identification using worksheets and the Taylor Home story. Every video lesson starts with an overview of the activity which sets the expectations for learning. Next, the video presents step-by-step instruction which carefully guides students through the day's activities. Each lesson contains a Sixty Second Review to reinforce the learning sequence and key concepts. Finally, the video instructor explains "best practices," which are those skills that produce true craftsmanship.

Students Want To Do Construction Work, Not Just Read About It

Every student that takes a construction course does so because they want to actually experience what it’s like to work in the industry. Reading about construction can help a student understand the concepts and theory, but practice is what really builds on the basics and improves skill and knowledge.

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Building Skills