Monarch "PRIDE" Opportunities Program


The Monarch PRIDE Opportunities Program offers a broad array of services
 and activities before and after school to reinforce
 and complement the regular academic day of participating students. 

All PRIDE programs are FREE and a healthy snack is provided. 

Contact Phillip Lumula for further information @ 619-660-3089 or

The Monarch PRIDE Program has got your BACK! 

Math, Science, English, Social Science help...HOMEWORK CENTER!

Xbox, Wii, CPU Games, Board Games, Pool, Air Hockey...STUDENT CENTER!

Community Service Projects, Serving your School, Positive Impact on others...JUST SERVE!

Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Stats...MATH TUTORING!

Swimming, Water Polo, Fun in the Sun...AQUATICS CLUB!

Essay, Sentence Structure, Grammar...WRITING CLINIC!

Ripped Muscles, Sweat running down your face, Best Bod around...OUTDOOR TRAINING/WEIGHTS CLUB

Mountain Biking, Paddle Boarding, Hiking, Snowboarding...ADVENTURE CLUB!

Biology, Chemistry, Oceanography...SCIENCE EXPLORATION! 

No matter what you love, the Monarch PRIDE program has a club for you!     

Get involved today!