Dear Parents and Community Members:

The Monte Vista High School staff is committed to providing a quality comprehensive program designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of students. A wide variety of academic core, elective, and vocational courses are available to prepare students for college and the world of work. Through participation in sports, co-curricular programs, and extracurricular activities, our students develop positive interpersonal and leadership skills.

Monte Vista High School will utilize all available human, material, and financial resources to provide a quality education to every student. As a teaching-learning community, we believe in creating and maintaining a safe, nurturing, and orderly learning environment in which teachers can teach and students can learn. We believe every student should have an equal opportunity to develop his or her full potential.

Our vision is that the Professional Learning Community is the culture by which we operate, and powerful learning will occur for every student. As evidence of this cultural change, during the 2006-2007 school year, the staff implemented a unique school schedule that provides an Advisory/Tutorial period in the middle of the school day. All ninth grade students attend a mandatory Advisory class during this time to assist them in making the transition to high school. Upperclassmen with two or more D or F grades are required to attend tutoring until the grades have been raised to C or better.

At Monte Vista High School we believe that “failure is not an option.” To support this philosophy, we 
have instituted several intervention programs including reading courses for below grade level readers, Advisory/Tutorial period, after-school tutoring, California High School Exit Exam support classes, math support classes, a before and after-school Homework Center, and a Learning Center for eleventh and twelfth grade students who are significantly behind in credits toward graduation.

Monte Vista also offers a strong, comprehensive selection of Honors/Advanced Placement courses in 
English, mathematics, social science, science and world languages. Our parents participate in PTSA, AVID, English Learner Parent Advisory Committee, and parent booster organizations. By working together to provide academic and emotional support, teachers and parents create a positive climate for academic achievement and personal growth.

The Monte Vista Monarchs are proud of their traditions, academic achievement, athletic 
accomplishments, and school spirit. We are committed to continue serving the community as an outstanding comprehensive high school where students are expected to be Prepared, Engaged, Accountable, and Appropriate.

Marietta Minjares