Online & text-based General Education & Independent Study

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Teacher: Mr. Schroeder          Location: Room 510       Periods: 3-7
           Phone: (619) 938-9250           email:


Academic Expectations

  • For online courses:

All students are expected to sit in assigned seats. All work is to be done on the computer using Edgenuity. Students will log on to the appropriate website:

Every student will be given their log-in information (user-name and password), and shown how to navigate through Edgenuity.

Every Edgenuity student must complete the intro to Edgenuity session (about 35 minutes) before beginning work on their assigned class.

Students work through activities, including but not limited to: vocabulary, lectures, homework/class work, quizzes, tests, and exams. All work is done on the computer and non-assessment work may be done at home to accelerate course completion. Each student works at his/ her own pace. When course material is 100% complete with a passing grade (relative grade of 60%), the student is finished with the course. All assessments (quizzes, tests, and exams) must be taken in class. Open notes are allowed, but students may not look up answers online. If a student fails an assessment, they may be granted ONE retake; however, all of that section/chapter/unit homework and notes MUST be complete in order for the retake to be given. Essay revisions will only be granted when all pre-writing (rough drafts) are complete. Once the course is complete, the student may elect to begin a new course, as deemed appropriate by ECHS guidance counselor.


  • For textbook courses:

Student are expected to sit at the tables provided for students working from textbooks. Students will be given a course outline for each course stating what work is expected. The work may include section reviews and chapter reviews, case studies, guided reading worksheets, etc. Work is assigned by chapter or topic. After all work for the chapter or topic is complete, the student may take a test on the chapter or topic; open notes/student work is allowed to be used on tests. The weighted points for all work (section reviews, chapter reviews, guided readings, chapter/topic tests, essays, etc. where applicable) make up the student grade as a percentage for the course. Once the course is complete, the student may elect to begin a new course, as deemed appropriate by ECHS guidance counselor.


Behavioral Expectations

Once working on their assigned course, students are expected not to talk/ disrupt others. 

Students may not use cell phones during class. 

Food and drink are not allowed in class.

All garbage is expected to be picked up and thrown out and all chairs pushed in before leaving class.

 School dress code and behavioral policy must be followed at all times. The school discipline policy will be followed and disruptive students removed for those not following the dress code/ behavior policy.

 Bathroom breaks should take place during passing period; however, students may use the bathroom as necessary after the first ten minutes of class and before the last ten minutes. One student may use the bathroom at a time. Students should sign the Bathroom Sign-out sheet at the teacher's desk.

At no time may students visit/access ANY  social media website.

At no time may students change the background/ screen saver picture.

The GUHSD Responsible Use Policy (RUP) must be followed at all times.

It is expected that students are to be held responsible for their own personal belongings in the classroom.


Progress Reports

GUHSD gives parents/guardians access to the GUHSD Parent Portal online in Infinite Campus (the school’s student information system). Also, student Progress Reports are reported periodically in the district-wide student grade system. 


In addition, parents may access student progress through Edgenuity Parent Portal. Edgenuity online programs offer parents the option of having student progress reports emailed to them daily, weekly, or monthly. In order to gain access to these reports, parent email(s) must be given to the teacher. 

Independent Study (IS)                   

Independent Study (IS) is designed to accommodate student needs for an alternative to the regular school schedule. IS students sign-up for a designated day and time to meet with the IS teacher - typically one hour a week. The student is given one week of work to complete independently at home. The work is calculated as the equivalent of class-time hours. Depending on the course, the student may be asked to take notes, answer questions, write essays, or complete projects as homework. When the student arrives for his/her scheduled appointment, the teacher will grade/check the work and provide feedback. The student will also be asked to take a test on the work. After completing the test, the teacher will grade the test, and again provide feedback. Then, the next week's worth of work will be assigned for the student to complete at home independently.

Each IS class is designed to take approximately 3-4 weeks (at about 20-30 hours of work each week). A motivated and hard-working student may, however, complete work faster than this average. There are both book/packet designed courses, as well as online learning classes (using the Edgenuity online curriculum) available to students. Students may not miss more than two scheduled appointments. Two reschedules of appointments are typically given to accommodate student needs. Although the regularly scheduled appointment must be attended, a student may elect to attend class beyond the required appointment day/time.