hors d'oeuvres
Intro to Chromebooks  slides 3:00     
Google Forms - Getting Started  video 5:30     
Google Forms - Share, Collect and Analyze video 2:20  
Post a document to your web page

Getting Started managing your CatapultK12 web page

doc: 5:00

videos: 1 - 3 min.
Short Links
Learn to shorten long addresses almost as quick as you can say "Oscar Mayer"
 video 2:10  
a la carte
   full*     1/2 order**
Managing calendars
schedule, organize, notify and track meetings, events and resources

45 min  25 min 
Managing documents 
collect, organize, combine, reformat, share or distribute documents

 45 min 25 min
Email shortcuts, tips and tricks 
Managing mail, labels, groups, tasks and more. (1/2 order, pick one)

60 min  20 min
Escape from Microsoft
convert files between Google and Office and back 

35 min  15 min    
Forms and Surveys
easily collect and manage info from staff and others: WASC surveys, signups, evaluations and more

60 min 25 min 
Paper to digital document
turn that yellowing paper from 1998 into an editable Google doc! 

60 min  25 min
Spreadsheet smoothie
Get started with Sheets (for Excel users) 

60 min  30 min 
Web page maintenance
Updated your school, program or department page 
 35 min 15 min 
BYOB: Build your own (digital) burger
An instructional tech chef will build a training session to meet your office need

 2 hrs 1 hr 
Pivot Tables - Advanced Google Sheets
Quickly summarize and find correlations

 1 hr 40 min 
Conducting Conference Calls
Run a virtual meeting with voice, video and a recorded transcript

 2 hrs 1 hr 
Google Sampler
Taste and see what's good from the waffle iron: 

2 hrs 1 hr 
From spreadsheet to formatted documents, automatically with Google sheets and docs 

 2 hrs 1 hr 
Web site creation
From planning to reality, build a Google site 
2 hrs 1 hr
Manage your CatapultK12 web page   
1 hr 
Substitutions welcome

Online Reservations

* full orders are for those that want to leave the table feeling full and prepared to accomplish a task
** 1/2 orders are just enough to get started
Help on demand

 If the chef is in, he'll be happy to handle your short-order questions.