Foothiller PRIDE is a “proven educational enrichment program” which seeks to increase achievement by inspiring students and exciting them about their academic experience. PRIDE promotes this phenomenon through the partnership of all stakeholders: students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members (including business partners), expanding the stature of educators to the highest position of importance in a community – literally redefining the school-experience as one which provides a guarantee for all stakeholders involved.

PRIDE provides the opportunity for all stakeholders to address the particular needs of their school and “create a program that supports those needs” through “celebrations, rituals, and traditions” geared to honor the heroes of their academic community. Rather than continuing the shallow stereotypical model of honoring the achievements of only a fraction of students, PRIDE seeks to embrace a broad and deep notion of honoring all stakeholders for their part in creating a culture of academics and achievement revolving around

The results of an effectively implemented and maintained PRIDE presence on a school campus are easily seen. Research directly links students’ perceptions about the importance of the subjects they study to the level at which they achieve in such content areas. Simply stated, students achieve more when they are enthusiastic about their studies – a no-brainer. Through the presence of PRIDE on a school campus, changing perceptions about the academic environment, student achievement is raised, attendance rates, D & F rates reduced, and dropout rates decrease. The benefits do not end there, as teachers become more impassioned about being part of the school community, parents become more actively involved, the community becomes more deeply aligned to the goals and aims of the school, and business partners contribute resources (including funds) to ensure the success of the school and, thereby, the community at large.

GHS Staff has PRIDE! 

“The Nature of relationships among the adults in a school has greater influence on character, the quality of that school, and on student accomplishment more than anything else” 

- Ronald Barth (Improving Relationships within the Schoolhouse)