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Granite Hills High School Choir Page

We've decided to have some fun with a virtual choir.  The practice tracks are here

Here is the main calendar with all important dates.  For a list of upcoming dates go to the important dates page.

Congratulations class of 2020.

National Anthem 2020 final with Credits.mp4

If you are looking for assignments or documents have your student check their google classroom!

Choir Descriptions

 Beginning Choir - A mixed choir (SAB) open to all grades (9-12).  There is no audition required. 

Encore - An intermediate/advanced, mixed choir (SATB).  You must audition to join.   Encore students are expected to know how to sing stepwise melodies at sight using solfege, and understand basic music theory such note values and note names.  Encore students will perform at least 4 times per year and will compete at festivals along side Dulce Voix, Chamber Chorale,  and Vocal Ensemble.

Dulce Voix - An Advanced Women's ensemble (SSAA).  You must audition to join.  DV members are expected to be able to sing melodies at sight including small jumps, and understand basic music theory including note names, note values, and key signature identification.  DV students will perform at least 4 concerts, at least 2 community performances, and attend at least 1 Choral Festival or competition per year.

Chamber Chorale - An advanced, mixed choir (SATB).  The 16-24 singers in this group will perform mainly a cappella music with lots of divisi.  They must be very independent singers who can hold tight harmonies. This choir meets 7th period and after school.  Students must attend rehearsals with no more than 2 absences per month.  Students must stay ahead of their music and learn it on their own to be prepared for rehearsals.

Vocal Ensemble - An advanced vocal jazz and a cappella choir made up of the top 12-18 singers from all choirs.  This choir meets 7th period and after school.  Students must attend all rehearsals, and are only allowed 2 absences per month.  Students are required to learn their music outside of rehearsal and come prepared.

2019-2020 Officers

All officers for this year are listed below.  If you need any info you can always email them!

Director - Mrs Janessa Nadeau

President - RyLee Cadenhead

Co-Vice-Presidents - Merideth Owenby & KC Lindblad

Office Of Pebbles - Kirstyn Burt

Secretary - Tyler Savoy

Treasurers - Kirstyn Burt, KC Lindblad, Nimuhe Garcia, & Alanna Dudoit

Historian - Kirstyn Burt & KC Lindblad

Social Media - Adriana Myers

Promotions - Finley White, Sofia Arroyo-Sanchez, Anthony Ojeda