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Engrade is an online gradebook and class organization system that is being utilized by many teachers in the Grossmont Union High School District. Students, parents, and teachers can access this web-based program at any time from any computer.

While all teachers are aware of this new option during this system "testing" period, teachers are not required to utilize the system and still have a choice of gradebook systems.

Like other gradebook programs currently used in GUHSD, Engrade has the ability to securely report individual student progress and grades for assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. Engrade is a 21st century tool with added features that the other programs do not, including the security of online data backup and access. This is not replacing the Parent Guardian Portal and does not contain official mark grades or a comprehensive overview of your student's progress toward graduation. 

Benefits include:
  • Online access to grades anywhere (home, school, etc. computers)
  • Grades updated immediately online, no need to upload grades
  • Students have a single log-in for all teachers at your school using Engrade (as opposed to 5-6 different logins)
  • Student passwords are self-generated
  • Can set it up to e-mail students and parents weekly grade updates
  • District Education Tech Specialist Matthew Evans (mevans@guhsd.net ) is an experienced Engrade user so you have District support

Your Educational Technology Resources Staff

For any questions, suggestions, or concerns regarding Engrade, please feel free to contact Matthew Evans at mevans@guhsd.net or 619-593-2704


Sample Letter/Note to Parents and Students

Dear Parents and Students,

There will be a change, this quarter, in the grade program used for this course.  You will now be able to access your grades online at www.engrade.com.  This is a free and secure website which empowers you to track your progress in this class.  Periodically, I will be asking you to check your grades on the site.

Parents, you may sign up for a separate account to track the progress of your child and to send/receive messages directly with me, the teacher.    There are computers in the media center that the students will have access to before/after school and during lunch.  Since you are able to check grades at any time, this should alleviate the need for Friday progress reports.  If you currently get a progress report on Fridays, from now on, from me, you will see “Please See Engrade” on the report in place of the grade.  I am sure you will find that this system is very user-friendly and will allow me to have more instructional time with your child.

To access grades on engrade.com, simply go to the webpage www.engrade.com.  Then click on “Parents and Students”.  From there, click on “Sign up for a free account”.  Then, follow the prompts.  When it asks for the access code, it will be engrade-xxxxxxxx-(alpha code in caps).  You will have a different access code for each of your teachers if they use this grade program, but once you create your username and password you don't have to use another access code.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.




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