This is my website at IDEA Center High School in El Cajon, Ca.  I have added a page about my own history and education. The Motivational Images page is a link to a huge slideshow of motivational images. I play these images in my room, but you are free to download them or run them as a screensaver on your own computer. Most images are motivational; others are humorous and some are there to make you think. I collected most of these from Facebook.

My job as an Instructional Support Teacher is to be an additional advocate for students and a resource for parents. I will be working with students who are at-risk of failing classes or are behind on credits. I will also be working with new students to IDEA who may need help adjusting to their new school environment.

I will be updating this website regularly with more information about various IDEA classes and links that contribute to them. I will have links to all staff members' email addresses and websites. I will also add additional websites that departments would like students to use for support or a place to find out more information about their subjects. 

Please email me if you have any issues or questions about your students' classes or the information on this website.