Annie Buchwald - Biology

Best contact:  

         Remind101 (see below for registration information)
        Phone contact:  619-593-5611 (message only)

Tutorial Hours:  
         Lunch:   Monday - Thursday  (some Fridays)
         7th Period:   most days
         After school:  by appointment

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                Per 4:  8rupne3
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On-Line Flashcards:   go to and search for Anne_Buchwald.   Play around with all the features to help you study.   If you register with your first and last name, you will be able to create your own flashcards, share cards with other students, and you can star yours or my flashcards that you struggle with and they will be saved in a separate group.  Also, if you are one of the top 3 scorers in some of the review games or tests, you might earn bonus points for that unit.  

Students are expected to check my daily posts in CLASSROOM for make-up instructions. Instructions and links are provided so no student should ever fall behind too far from missing my class.  

If you left any papers at school or lost them, copies can be found linked on that day's Classroom post.

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