Bell Schedule 2015 - 2016
 Maverick Hour8:12 8:56
 1st Period   9:00     10:15
 2nd Period10:19 11:34
 3rd Period 11:38   12:53
 Lunch12:53 1:23
 4th Period1:27 2:42 
 Maverick Hour2:46 3:30

About Mr. Beeman

I grew up on Northern California, in the Central Valley.  My hometown is Escalon. When I was in high school we had 5,000 people in the whole town.  My high school had 1,009 students my senior year.  We got our first signal light and Burger King my junior year of high school.  Some people know about Escalon, because you pass through it on your way to Yosemite from San Francisco.  It is a good place to live.  For me, growing up in a small town meant that my teachers knew me before I knew them.  My grandparents met while teaching at my high school.  My dad and my Aunts and Uncle went to my high school.  My dad still teaches at my high school.  One cool thing was that my parents' house is less than one block from my high school, in fact I could hear the bell ring from my bedroom.

I moved to San Diego when transferred to UCSD.  In high school I played football, basketball, tennis and ran track for all four years.  I played football for one year while I was at Modesto Junior College, but when I transferred to UCSD I just ran track.   Or more accurately I just high jumped.  I didn't do a lot of running.   I still like to play sports.  I play softball once a week, I play basketball at the gym.  I go to the Alumni track meet at UCSD and jump.  When ever we get enough people around I like to start Ultimate Frisbee games or capture the flag.  Once in a while I play disc golf with some friends or family.

Another thing that I enjoy doing to travel.  I made it to all 50 states when I went to Hawaii the summer after I graduated from high school.  Since then I have been to Europe twice, Costa Rica, and East Africa.  

Check out the picture of the elephant that chased me in Tanzania.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. ~ Mark Twain
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