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Humanities II Course Description – blocked, interdisciplinary

Humanities II features world history and literature in an integrated format. Meeting daily for two periods, teachers will acquaint students with world cultures from a thematic viewpoint, melding the studies of humanity into a seamless whole, incorporating art, literature, history, geography, and philosophy.

The interdisciplinary Humanities program was central to the unique Valhalla vision when the school opened in 1974, and we continue to support this vision because research shows that students learn better in context.  Our blocked interdisciplinary humanities program continues to result in exceptionally high CAHSEE pass rates, CST scores, and AP pass rates. 

Humanities II is about skills, not just content, and will encourage all students to attain their highest achievement level through skill acquisition and personal growth.

Humanities II is directed by a variety of guiding principles. First and foremost is the teacher's professional judgment and knowledge of content. Second are the school's Expected Schoolwide Learning Results, which pilot the entire school in carrying out our mission.  In addition, the California state standards in both English-Language Arts and History-Social Science, determine the content/scope and therefore the pacing of the class.

Welcome to World History!  

This is a tenth-grade course designed to help students of all abilities examine the achievements, failures, and discoveries in modern history that have shaped the world we live in today.  In this course, we will study the major events of our world’s past, including the Enlightenment, the French & Russian Revolutions, the growth of democracy, the impact of imperialism, the causes and consequences of WWI and WWII, and issues facing the world today.  Students will learn how the decisions made during these eras, and the consequences of these decisions, still affect our daily lives.

Please review the Humanities II Syllabus (attachment on the Unit 1 page) for any important questions about classroom expectations, grading systems or curriculum.

Please take advantage of the class files and links on this page in order to access course calendars, assignments, projects, and internet resources.

World History Textbook:  http://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com