Food and Clothing

The Role of Amish Food Within the Amish Way of Life:

Amish people come mostly from agricultural backrounds where farming, butchering, gardening, and similar forms of food preparation have long been a major component of the economy.

To eat well in the Amish community, it's not a very expensive cost considering they prepare most of their foods based on what they have.

During special occasions in the Amish community, the abundance of food tends to be a gargantuan factor in the ceremonies.

A variety of traditional Amish foods are recipies such as spatzle, soup, knepp, dumplings, scrapple, fleisch-kraut.

Amish foods were traditionally based on the necessities of the time. For example, in the cold winters, they ate such foods as cabbage and cole-slaw because the weather tended to keep the food cold without freezers. Pigs and steer were also butcherd in winter months, providing them with fresh meat that could be preserved.

 Amish Clothing:

Amish clothing is simply based on simplicity, humility of spirit, purity of thought, and nonconformity towards the outside society.

The Amish also feel that emphasizing one's attractive qualities will not only create competition and sinful thoughts, but will also create division within the community by emphasizing the self over the church and community.