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"The Variety of Unity"
 Retreat in Crete, November 6th to 13th, 2011 

During this week, we celebrate the variety of unity. We celebrate the drop  and the ocean, we celebrate earthly pain and cosmic love, we celebrate the Zhorbas and the Buddha, and we celebrate the human and the God, the earth and the universe within each and every one of us. 

As we teach, so do we learn. Teachers are students, students are teachers. Everyone is given the space to proactively co-design the retreat program, to teach, to share his/her unique gift with the world. Accordingly, the range might be wide using meditative and physical exercises, in both single and group settings, and will be both theoretically and practically inspired. 

The retreat takes place in Triopetra, on the Southern Coast of Crete. We will be located at Pavlo´s guesthouse which is directly above the Lybian Sea. This is also the same location used by the Kretashala-Retreats, so the site is  beautiful, 'fine-tuned', and far away from noise. To find more information about the place, go to the following link: http://www.kretashala.de/en/lage/index.html

Participants will be:
Dr. Miron Neghabian:   Miron offers silent meditations, individual coaching, topic-related small working-groups ("Your highest     
                                        potential", "Shadow work", "An Integral Life Practice"), beach soccer and at least one binge
                                        Miron speaks German, English and Spanish. www.mironneghabian.com

Gucy Urra:                     Gucy will teach Lucid Dreaming. By means of various meditations and other techniques (including.teachings
                                        from the Dzogchen tradition) that focus to wake up the consciousness by an  conditioned effect, that the
                                        witness and the creator of nightly dreams is activated, in other words: you become the master of your dreams.
                                        Gucy speaks English, Spanish and some French.   
Price* :                           1111,- Euro in a single room                           
                                          777,- Euro in a double room                                                                    
* All prices include airport transfer on arrival and departure day, shared car rental (4 persons each), lodging with full board, optionally vegetarian or non-vegetarian (Cretan cuisine) and all individual and group  
  settings. Discounts  upon request.