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Meditation is the transcendence in the process of dreaming, we are dreaming all the time, "awake" and "asleep", this is the first thing we have to understand. We cross from one dream to another dream, but we are never really awake. The Buddha is who has awakened and this happens when the dream ends, then there is nothing more than a pure space.

All spiritual paths seek for conciousness awakened and all mention that  the mankind sleeps. Usually the majority of the people are machines, who can see only the dream, but can´t see themselves. Worried, all the time about the outside world, judging what is right or wrong and suffering in a world that is not more than a movie, but  seems so real that we fail to notice it.

 Buddhist´s Meditation of Maya Yoga "Longchenpa´s Finding Comfort and Easy in Enchantment"

Dream: The first analogy

Utterly convinced of this view that all situations, samsara and nirvana, are just like dream, follow this instruction to experience it in meditation.

Sit upon a comfortable seat in half-lotus posture, take triple-gem refuge and cultivate pure bodhi-mind, then in empty unitary space, which is the utter sameness of all experience, apply aoncentrated attention to this empty magic spell.

On the crown of the head, upon a lotus, sun and moon throne clearly envision the root guru, emboying yidam and dakini, inseparable from the lineage gurus.

Worship and praise him, aspiring to cultivate a sense of dream, then allowing oneself and environment to dissolve into light, which then vanishes into the guru, hang loosely for a moment in sky-like space. The blessings of realization rain down by themselves.

The outer world, its mountains and valleys, villages and towns and its living beings, compounds of earth, water, fire, air and space, all forms, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations, the five sensory objects, and the internal world of body-mind and its sensory consciousness, all experience, should be attended to incessantly as dream.

All of our life´s experiences up to yesterday, just mental images, are like last night´s dream and what we see now, absent yet crystal, clear, absent yet apparent, is the mind´s delusion. Yesterday and today are just like dream; tomorrow and the day after, all our future, only a dream.

Fully conditioned to the idea that everything is dream, whether it is affirmed or denied, pleasant or painful, do not think for a moment that the mind is true, Moving or sitting, eating, walking or talking, with constant attention sustain dream-consciousness. When all that we see, all that we do, all that we think, is consonant with dream, our experience is disassociate, unfocussed, in slow motion evanescent. This is training in ultimate non-attachment.

Appreciating delusory objective appearances as dream, the intellect lets go and the grasping immediately ceases – the objective aspect debunked, the subjective side retires. Then whenever the mind meets situations as dream, the intellect searching inside and outside and in between unable to find any point of reference it subsides into all-penetrating sky-like space, and intrinsic presence devoid for all compulsive mental activity arises as simple empty clarity grasping ceasing, nothing to be grasped, the vessel invented, its contents lost, phenomena are disassociated, lacking any boundaries.  That is nondual unconditional primal awareness.

Upon complete familiarity with that realization, by involuntary resolution of the duality of grasper and grasped we are free of the compulsive attraction of mind to an object, and with a definite feeling of detachment from situations, whatever presents itself, timeless, empty, floats in space. That is the natural primordial state of being.

Once its credibility has thus been lost, enslavement to impure circumstantial illusion becomes dominant pure enchantment. As if we never to awaken from lucid dream, pure mind infuses the primordial ground.

Each delusion, without past or future but shining in between, envisioned in the here and now, is not felt as existent; the intellect´s karma induced delusion, absent yet visible, since its nature is primordially pure, is like dream.

Just as we know dream as internal vision, absent before sleeping and after waking,

Shining only during sleep, and even then without substance, just so we should, know phenomena as groundless and baseless.

While in the daytime becoming familiar with dream-reality, at night when the need to sleep overcomes us we lie down on our right side upon a comfortable bed like Buddha Sakyamuni in his nirvana posture. When the breath is quiet and the eyes are still, at the heart centre, with dreamlike concentration, visualize a white A of shining bright translucent crystal, diminishing in size from a tip to a hair tip, and dreamlike clear light arises.

At first we may dream many fearful dreams, but mindful of the dream the fear dissolves of itself; when natural concentration is effortlessly achieved the yogin knows his dream as lucid dream.

Thereafter the sole practice is to see all dreams as unreal. The absent but apparent delusory mind, like dream, has no essence to grasp, and we know it beyond intellectual truth and falsehood.

Then, regarding the process of transforming emanation: in dream time, to transform the body into Brahma, for instance, or to emanate as a Buddha or bodhisattva, we simply relax with our wish into ambivalent space.

Like that, from moment to moment – from Brahma to Indra, form god to man – whatever transformation we desire is accomplished in an unreal world.

Furthermore, now multiplying those forms a hundred, a thousand, of ten million fold, we develop the facility to heal wherever needed.

Further, we travel wherever we wish, to pure lands, to foreign countries, or to Akanishta where we see buddhas and hear their impeccable word and achieve jnana and samdhi and multitudes of dakinis. Through thorough integrated practice day and night, the creativity of pure presence will surely manifest, the core undistorted infallibly actualized; that is the most profound way of the heart,

Day and night, familiarizing ourselves with the dream world the shackles of belief in concrete materiality are shaken of enclosures, mountains and walls now form no impediments and miracles, psychic power and samadhis are actualized.

With deep experience of this direct and naked realization, primal awareness, empty and luminous, downs, and in the primordial spaciousness of the nature of mind both subjective dharmakaya, and objective rupakaya, are spontaneously accomplished as in a dream. Apply concentrated attention to the dream mode!

Magic Show: The second analogy

Behind the realization of this view of magical illusion we cultivate enchanting illusion as the cosmic joke. In preparation, as before, aspire to a sense of magical illusion.

Constantly, day and night, moment by moment, our main work is to attend to each inner and outer event as magical show appearing by force of circumstance, as lies, without heart or meaning, diaphanus and un real.

Our loves and hatreds, positive and negative affectivity, whatsoever emotions are aroused, certify them as illusion, Train in this un reality. We see  now that both outer, seemingly material phenomena and inner, mental experience, are all like magic show. Because they are contrived by circumstance, because they are spurious and duplicitous, because they are mere light-form, always regards them as instances of a magic show.

At time for sleep, as before, relax into dream-space, into enchted unreality, unelaborate in its simplicity. Whatever delusive dreams arise are now known as illusion and we are free from fear and craving for truth. Working dream as illusion, transforming emantion, travelling magically into pure lands, cultivate all as before.

Now the addition to samsara burst open and freedom in illusion is unabiding nirvana the spontaneous achivement of our dual dellusory purpose. Attend to this persistent reality that is nothing but illusion.


Akanishta: is the highest Buddha field

Dakini: pure vision

Dharmakaya: is the holistic formless dimension of light and awareness

Jnana: is nondual wisdom

Nirnava: “Blowing out”, it is the state of being free from suffering (dukkha) and  from the rebirth cycle

Nirmanakaya: the dimension of ceaseless manifestation

Rupakaya: is the dimension of formal emanation

Trikaya: the three dimensional Buddha reality (dharmakaya, sambhogakaya and nirvakaya)

Samadi: is contemplation

Samsara: "continuous flow", it is the cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth or reincarnation

Sambhogakaya:  refers to the luminous form of clear light

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