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About Gucy

When I was a child my mother told me she was able to manipulate her dreams. She could go wherever she wanted, she flew, she ate the most delicious food, she visited castles, she was beautiful and so were the people in her perfect world.  If she woke up suddlenly,  she focused and re-entered to the same dream. Today is the first time that I was able to enter into the same lucid dream three times.  I was searching for somebody but  I couldn´t find him, I took the hand of  an stranger and I transformed  him into the person I was searching for.  As a child, I thought manipulating dreams was a fairy tale, like inventing something just to please me, but now it seems a reality that can be lived and experienced, every night if I am able to enter into the dream.

How get into a dream, to be lucid, is described in various literature.  From ancient books of Buddhist meditation of Longchen Rabjampa, to Stephen Laberge, Carlos Castaneda, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and many others authors today. As any technique takes practice and concentration, the question: Am I dreaming or awake? Must be asked both awake and asleep, but in this second state we fail to answer. Another technique is to look at your hands and ask the question. Once, I was in a lucid dream and  suddenly woke up and was in my bed. I looked at my hands and I knew I was awake, then a little angry to have lost my lucid state I fell asleep again. The next day, I remembered this and I realized I was dreaming, I was in another room, with another bed and another night table. I was looking at my hands and I thought that was the reality. Certainly, our reality deceives us and it is better to live a conscious dream, enjoying every minute before losing our lucidity. 

At the age of seven years old I had my first lucid dream. My family was vacationing in the countryside with another family. My family members who were there included my mother, my sister, my bother, my summer nanny and her son. The other family consisted of my Aunt Luisa and my four cousins. It was a great summer led by women, everything was permitted because nobody else except us were there. We swam in the river and sunbathed naked, we hiked all around and during the night we danced in the pine forest watching the moon. Later, we told stories about ghosts, aliens, and many other things while my mother taught us how to make  cigarettes out of tree leaves to smoke. One morning when  I was sleeping, I woke up but I was still in the dream. I was in a huge waiting room where everybody was in a line waiting to enter to the "awakened world". One by one, they were entering and when it was my Nanny's turn, I said "Nanny, when you reach the other side, can you wake me up?". Then I could hear her awake on the other side, but she forgot to wake me up.  I kept asking the same thing to everybody who entered into the awakened world but once there they forgot my request. So, I just wanted to leave that place and suddely I woke up by myself.

In my adolescence, I started to have some control over my dreams. The lucid dreams were sporadic and occurred spontaneously while dreaming and without seeking it, suddenly, I was aware I was dreaming and then the only thing I did was fly. Sometimes it was excellent, I flew majestically as a seagull woman, changing landscapes, the planet, and the colors. However, often it was quite difficult and I could only fly really low, or with a lot of effort. I jumped and stayed for only seconds in the air, then I continued  jumping higher and I was able to go a little bit more, until I finally could fly. Sometimes I had a lot of problems with the electricity wires, the thought of getting tangled scared me, especially when it  was nighttime. I remembered getting really close to them, fortunately until now I have not suffered any dreaming accidents, only a few scares. Clearly, it was the period of my life that I have flown the most and now I can control my dreams more and can do different things.

There is a book called, "Advanced Lucid Dreaming: the power of supplements," written by Thomas Yuschak. This book describes in detail several natural supplements that help to have lucid dreams. In my experience, one of the best "natural hallucinogens" for lucid dreaming is the ayahuasca, according to Norman et al. (1997) * this plant increases the imaginative vision. A few years ago in Rio de Janeiro, I met an anthropologist  from my country who invited me to a religious initiation ceremony for the winter solstice. In his opinion this was real religion. We dressed in white and arrived at the temple on top of a hill surrounded by a forest. There, a group of pastors gave us directions: the men should be separated from the women dancing all night at certain positions, while drinking ayahuasca and singing religious hymns. At that time, I did not go into any lucid trance, I was worried about what was going on, so I focused on reading the texts in Portuguese to decipher the songs we were singing. In all of them, they asked God's forgiveness of sins. Consequently, at the end of the ceremony, everyone (except me) claimed to have seen God, screaming in euphoria because their sins were forgiven. From my point of view, this is a massive peer pressure of lucid dreaming, where the organizers make an initiation in their religion, after everybody is forced to see what they were told to imagine.

After this experience, I thought I should travel to the Amazon to drink “ayahuasca” with a shaman and to live an inner journey but without suggestion or pressure of any kind. As it so happened I was offered to go to Perú for  a research project, which I finished in  half the estimated time so I took a flight to Iquitos in the Amazon. The hotel contacted  a group of natives from the Pacaya Samiria reserve where there was a shaman. This was far away from any tourist lodge and, of course, they needed a minimum of three people so I convinced a couple of Australians who decided to come with me. After a day of traveling by the Marañon river, we reached the village. With one of the Australians, we had an Ayahuasca ceremony, which took place at night with a shaman who gave us the drink. He waved branches above our heads, blew smoke snuff and repeated mantras in his native language. Suddenly, I fell into a dreamlike state where I could clearly see.  It was here I met my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandfather (both died before I was born), I was able to feel the suffering of their recent past lives. Both represented the the "light side" of my parents lives, but contrary to that, they lived a life of torture and terrible pain with their mates, from whom they never escaped. So in this ceremony, Hector and Flora met their granddaughter, dissipating all pain in an emerging a wave of happiness and gratitude for life.