November 24 GRC 41st Turkey Trot 3.5M Membership Run

41st GRC annual Turkey Trot 3.5 Mile Membership Run.  Info is as follows:

Length: 3.5 miles
Date: Thanksgiving Day (November 24, 2011) Same Day Registration
: 6:00 am
Start: 7:00 am Marine Corp Drive Traffic intersection of the Micronesian Mall
Course: The 3.5 mile run starts and finishes at Marine Corp Drive traffic intersection of the Micronesian Mall.
The course follows the road toward Tanguisson Beach. At the big curve it takes the dirt road on
the left, where it crosses the road to Two Lovers Point, and goes on up the hill. At the top of the
hill, it turns right going back to the main road where it turns left. Before the surer plant, the
course takes the dirt road on the left. When the dirt road runs back into the main road, the
runners turn right and proceed back to the start/finish line.
Finish: Same as start
Water: One water stop at the water truck fill up station.
First Run: It was established in 1971 and has always been a handicapped event. The handicap
is determined by running performance or age. Normally there are 18 different groups started at
1 minute intervals.
Awards: prizes and raffle drawings

$45 for One Year GRC Membership
$30 for students with student ID
$5 for people who would just like to join in on the fun for the Thanksgiving holiday.

111124 41st Turkey Trot Run