c20 team

Author(s): Winds Team Lirinkith

Date: 22 April 08

C20. Show team and Grey School spirit.

A Message from Scenic Spring--Captain of Team Winds (LirinKith)

For C20 we wanted to try something new. We have 4 very unique people so this was a great team challenge to figure out. We decided to create a video in which we put at least one picture from each  team mate in of there area, them-selves, or something personal. This was a great collection of pictures. I placed them all to some music and I hope you enjoy. You will find this on our home page or right below, so definitely check it out.

  • We also have a great avatar that some of us are using created by SWP for team spirit and some of us have pictures with our team logo on it that was used to show spirit.

  • We have a team of  3 people at the end of this challenge. We started off with 8 people and due to reasons of there own four could not join us. That left us at 4 people. Recently  due to a personal reason unknown we seem to have lost a team mate astray. Positive thoughts are with him.

  • We worked together a lot behind closed doors that  obviously MW has seen.

  • We have overcome lots of obstacles. Even as a team of 3 we will blow your socks off. We definitely have a small but powerful team.  We are rooting ; just not very loud ;) 

Team Roster Page

 As captain of this wonderful team; LirinKith has been a pleasure to lead. They are all devoted, passionate, hardworking, creative, high spirited, devoted, wonderful in every way.  Each person is unique and brings something to our team as an individual. I am so proud of them all. I definitely have gotten to know them better and they are a great bunch of people to work with. I hope you all learned something new about your team mates and yourself in this project. I for one can say it has been very educational and fun! !