c13 (swp/ds)

Author(s): Starwynd Panther, Dragonsong

Date: 15 April 08

C13. Compose a spell or charm to help heal the Earth. On April 18, team members should post this on their House and Lodge, along with explanation and instructions encouraging the House or Lodgemates to carry out the ritual on April 22. Remember that your work must emphasize magick and wizardry, not religion. Bonus points: on April 18, email Prof. Moonwriter a copy of your spell or charm; she will post it to the faculty list so that they, too, may participate. 

This charm is for all to chant on April 22nd. Ideally, it should be chanted in the evening, for the Moon is VOC from the early morning until 5:08 EDT/2:08 PDT, when it enters Sagittarius. Light a green candle. Start with the chorus, facing your altar and directing it inwards to yourself as an attunement and affirmation of your own contributions to the Earth. For the first verse, please face East, as we are calling on the element of Air. Return to the chorus, still facing East. For each subsequent verse and chorus, face South, then West, then North. For the last chorus, return to your altar and direct your energies outward to the rest of the population, to the Earth itself, and to any manifestation of Spirit that you may choose.


Replenish, revive, repair, rebirth.
Remember the beauty and power of Earth.
Take up the song and with voices strong,
We will restore her worth.


Blowing over the hill and dale,
New beginnings within the gale,
Air brings with it a new rebirth,
Leaving the world hale.


Planetary Fire of light,
Purify all and make it right.
Revive a caring spark inside
To keep us through the night.


Flowing deep and flowing free,
Please replenish where’er you might be.
Through your currents, Waters, send
Healing powers of sea. 


Soil of ages and green of plain,
Grow and repair the Earthly reign.
Root in strength of mountains tall
Life begins again.