We are a group of (mostly) Android developers and enthusiasts who meet together to learn, share ideas, network and discuss the latest Google technologies.

So, uh... what's a GTUG?
Google Technology User Groups are worldwide chapters of (mostly) developers and enthusiasts using and sharing Google technology.  Currently most of our members are avid Android users and hackers and we hope to branch out into other areas of Google technology over the coming months.  GTUGs are Google endorsed, but not Google sponsored, and will give our developers access to a GTUG-ers around the world.  For more information about GTUGs please visit gtugs.org.

I want to join!
Please visit our meetup site to register and RSVP for events.

Can I share something?
Absolutely, if it's Android or Google-related.  Please contact one of the Meetup organisers if you have something you would like to share.

Totally.  Watch this site for more information.


Paul Hutchison
Auckland GTUG Manager and co-organiser