Hack-Camp Finals : 26/5/2012 & 27/5/2012

What is it ?

Welcome to Android Hack Camp 2012 - that is all about coding ,Hacking and submitting ideas that revolve around Android Applications & the chance to speak in the community and Join Developers of a bigger Global Community such as GTUG . 

You might be interested in competition or attendant or apply for being a campus representative or organize a devtalk or organize a Train-camp or see tutorials at Android Hack-camp 2012 .

Supporters & Sponsors :


 Final Round 

Final Round 

26/5/2012 & 27/5/2012
9am-5pm each day 
16 Hours of Hacking on Android !

*Entry by Invitation only !

Important :

We will be back by soon for the Hack Invites competing procedure !

Stay Tuned !


Reminders !

  •  If you registered for zonal competing rounds , then fill the Final Form 
  • AlgoPMix Round is over .You may check you ranks .
  • All Zonal compeitiors on competing will be invited to the final round .Stay Tuned for Invite by Email !
  • We will be Inviting Top "Android App Idea Entries " at the Final round .
  • We are no-more powering Android Train-camps and have closed registrations for Android Hack-Camp Zonal.

Google Dart Happy Hour Hackathon 

At the GTUG Android Hack Camp Zonal round as per schedule :

21/4/2012 (LPU) - Mini Auditorium 
22/4/2012 (Sharda University)

We will be accommodating the Hackers for the Google dart Language .We are inviting all Hackers to at the venue .

Dart is structured web programmingfor the entire modern web. Like a good draught, Dart is fresh yet familiar, with unique touches that help create a delightful new experience for aficionados of software development. Dart delivers a smooth pour of a new language, libraries, virtual machine, and compilation to modern JavaScript. Dart will make web development crisp and refreshing again.