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On this site, you will find various tools and how-to's to help expand your knowledge about tech or to fix problems you are having with your technology. If you have any questions about this site or cannot find something, please contact a Media Medic or Mrs. Bond for assistance. If you are having trouble with your computer click here:


The district permits the use of personal devices for academic use, with teacher permission. Students wishing to use their personal phone, tablet, or laptop (14" or smaller) should complete the Bring Your Own Device form (click this link open the form), or check Documents in Genesis.
  • Charge it overnight before bringing it to school.
  • When at school use GTSD Guest wifi only. 
  • Keep your device with you. Don't lend it to anyone! 
  • Get your teachers' permission before using your personal device.
  • Use for class-related purposes only. No social media, etc.
  • Have school apps installed and ready to use before bringing it to school.
  • Be prepared to troubleshoot your own device.
  • Secure your device using lockers, or other approved methods.
  • Remember this a privilege that can be removed at any time.