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Start Page

Google has indicated that the Google Apps Start page functionality will be re-engineered in the fairly near future.  As a result, they do not explicitly recommend using it.  Following conference call discussions and after consulting with Academic Services and Research, we have elected to downplay the Start page and link the single sign-on from My VCCS to the Email page.  The Start page functionality will continue to be available and colleges may link to it themselves if they so wish.  Users attempting to access it (or any other service) directly will simply get passed to My VCCS to sign in and then passed back to the desired service after authenticating.

Production: http://start.email.vccs.edu/

Test: http://start.gtest.vccs.edu/

Developing Gadgets

One of the exciting pieces of functionality available with the Start Page and actually within Google Sites and Google Docs is the ability to create custom gadgets (modules) to place on pages.  These gadgets can be developed by colleges and the VCCS to integrate with college and VCCS services.  We expect to develop some of these over time.  See http://code.google.com/apis/gadgets/ for more information.