Natalie Oakes Sturr

Coordinator, Library Technology
Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY  13126
Office: 119 Penfield Library
Voice: (315) 312-3565
FAX: (315) 312-3194

Zotero - (my attempt at rebuilding my individual page)


Have a graphic that is also a link:
Image uploaded with Insert/Image.  Click on image to Center it, or Left or Right align.
  • You canNOT make the graphic a link in IE 8
  • You must use Firefox.
    • I did find this on the 'net somewhere; but can't easily find it again
  • In Firefox, highlight the image
    • You need to move the cursor from the left (maybe upper-left) to right (or lower-right) side
    • Click "Link" on the toolbar, or Insert / Link

Other Comments:
Currently, users can create their own site name.  I have natalie_sturr and sturr.  How will CTS deal with this?
Each site has its own "theme".  It appears that a single site can have only one theme.  This is certainly not value added.
Not sure if you can turn off the left nav-bar.  My concern is if someone maintains separate sites for separate purposes.  Can the existence of pages be hidden from users?  For examples, I don't need my 101 test pages linked from my home page for all the world to see.
An entire site can be shared and open to the world - or not.  This is NOT a page-by-page decision.  It is all or nothing.
  • Not sure if this may be a problem
  • Now, folks can turn off access with file permissions
Existing web pages canNOT be migrated into Google Sites.  They must be recreated.
The automatic links at the very bottom of the page:
  • Can the "Recent Site Activity" link be suppressed?  This is available to the world (if the site is).
When in HTML mode, there is no Find or Search function to locate the code you want.
NOT browser agnostic:
  • Can only add a link to an image with Firefox (does not work in IE8)
  • Within the Link dialog box, can only Search in IE (works in IE8, not Firefox)
IE7 & IE8 give annoying Security Warnings when using some of the Manage Site functions.  See:
  • Annoying to user
  • Not a problem in Firefox


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