The CCNY CityServ Initiative

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Community Service Fair 
The City College of New York|NAC Plaza 12pm-2pm

Now that classes have begun, the CityServ group is starting up their list of events for the Fall semester. First being, our Spring Community Service Fair! This is a bi-annual event in which we bring different New York City organizations along with organizations and clubs on our very own CCNY campus to come and talk to students! 

Last year we had over 15 organizations along with CSA and their musical festival to engage and inspire the CCNY community to get up and get moving. This year, we will have WCCR, the radio station of City College to help promote and encourage students from all backgrounds and experiences. 

What the organizations offer range from awareness to any medical condition to tutoring for the younger generations. It's encouraged that every and all students come to visit each of the tables to view what they have to offer. Furthermore, if talking to the organization has opened up your mind to a new major or career choice, the options are limitless, how far do you want to take this opportunity of networking and fun? 
VolleyBall Mixer
7.10.2014|Location:TBA|Manhattan, New York| 1:00pm-5:00pm

Volleyball Event 

This event is a summer special for CityServ. We wanted to take the opportunity to get to know those who are interested in what we do, along with donating for one of our biggest events for the year,Taking Strides Against Breast Cancer in October. 
The Volleyball event will take place in Central Park around The Delacourte Theater in Central Park (this may be subject to change) from 1pm to 5pm. You can pick your own team or be assigned to one. We will also have other options for games available, like football and throwing a frisbee. 

As we've mentioned before, this event will be a start to becoming involved with the CCNY community. All of the CityServ members are involved with several facets of the student body and are great supporters of extracurricular activities. To play, our suggested donation is $5.00 and ALL proceeds will go to the start of our biggest event, The Breast Cancer walk in October. So take the opportunity to complete both tasks at once, make friends and give to one of our causes. 

Here is the link to sign up! 

CityServ Summer Proposals
Summer 2014| The City College of New York| Freshman Orientation

Another summer has arrived. Another period of either taking classes, working, and mainly relaxing on the beach. Most importantly, another group of freshmen being introduced into our CCNY community. As the case from last summer, all incoming freshmen were asked to read a captivating passage and write a proposal for a community service event. After reading some great proposals, we have chosen three great ideas thus far!

Last year, the CityServ team took on the challenge and opportunity to act on a few proposals written by incoming freshmen. By the end of the semester, the CityServ team was able to tackle the issues of bullying, helped provide a school with school supplies, and welcomed pets on campus. This upcoming year, we will have the pleasure of working with incoming freshmen Serosh Naeem, Tommy Lam, and Oma Naraine in knitting for the sick, painting a mural for a cause, and providing care packages for our armed forces. Be on the lookout for more winning proposals! Most importantly, join us while we work as a community in acting on several proposals written by our lovely freshmen. Stay tuned!