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Middle School

Youth Group

The Middle School Youth Group is for youth in grades 5-8 and meets once a month on the second Friday for fun and learning.  Youth Group will be held in the youth room at Good Shepherd from 5-6:30pm.

Summer Family Event Dates (All ages and abilities welcome!)
June 20 - Kiddie Pool Kickball @ 5:30pm @ Good Shepherd
                    Join us for some fun competition with a water element.
July 11 - Campfire Worship @ 5:30pm @ Immanuel's Outdoor Sanctuary
                    A midweek worship to unwind and appreciate God's amazing creation
TBD - Pool Party @ Bigley Pool in August

2017-2018 Youth Group Dates
October 13
November 10
December 8
January 12
February 9
March 9
April 13
Youth Retreats at Sugar Creek

October 6-8, 2017
March 16-18, 2018