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Boundary Waters Trip Reflections

From July 27- August 3, 5 youth from Immanuel and Good Shepherd Lutheran Churches, along with their two adult leaders spent a week in the Boundary Waters at the Wilderness Canoe Base.  The first two days were spent winterizing the water treatment system at base, staining decks, and firewising (removing brush and trees to prevent the spread of wild fires).  We then spent three days on trail canoeing up Red Rock Lake to American Point and back.  Everyone took turns at the stern of the canoe, portaging the 80 pound canoes and 60 pound equipment packs.  We rock climbed, paddled up two riffles, and ate seconds of food we didn’t like.  These are their reflections about what they learned during the trip.

Although I saw God in the entire trip, one thing that really stood out to me was in all of the nature, the Boundary Waters are so untouched and beautiful. It is really eye opening.  I think the most significant part of the trip to me was the simplicity of it all. It was also the least amount of stress I have had in a long time. ~Lauren

I found God in all of the beautiful nature.  I loved how almost everyone left the campgrounds just as clean as they were when they had gotten there.  It really helped preserve the untouched beauty.  I also found God when doing challenging things such as carrying a canoe.  I found God in those situations when I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but once it was done I knew God was with me, helping me.  The things that stood out to me the most were the great memories and relationships that we built. ~Avery

I had the privilege to go to the Boundary Waters with Immanuel and Good Shepherd Church. This trip helped me get away from modern technology.  Being in the Boundary Waters helped me feel closer to God. It was nice to be able to take a deep breath and see what God has created for us. ~Drew

While sitting in the canoe, you can’t help but think to yourself how beautiful everything is.  Looking at the water and seeing it sparkle just perfectly in the sunlight, feeling the sun just slightly warming your skin or even looking into the horizon at the islands that are recovering forests or the very lush forests, all you can see is a creation of God.  God has made everything so perfectly in our world, but humanity has been taking all of her beauty, but the Boundary Waters is a place that you can still see all of his perfect creations.  Just being in the Boundary Waters made me feel so calm and peaceful.  I felt so much closer with God just because I was able to relax and take the canoeing at my own pace and take in all the beauty around me.  The one thing I will always remember about this trip is I realized how to relax.  I am a person who needs to be constantly doing something every minute of every day.  Now I know that I can go into nature and just take a break from my hectic, crazy life and just look around and see all of God’s beauty around me. ~Jenna

I was first shocked when we didn’t have a Bible study the first three days because I was expecting the trip to be very religious. It occurred to me later in the trip while we were watching the sunset and writing in our books that God is not only present in Bible studies or church. God doesn’t need His name called for Him to watch us and guide us through our fears. He is always there, and it was so easy to see that in pure nature. He was in the water and in the wind that helped our canoes go forward. I am now excited to try and see God everywhere I go, and not just wait for Sundays. ~Jillian