GSMAR May 2022 Newsletter #41

Nothing is more beautiful than stained glass as it catches the sun's rays and explodes into an array of colors. Casting its rainbow across the floor of the house like a prism, stained glass has always brought me joy. Picking stained glass as the theme of May’s Newsletter comes as our mornings are earlier and our evenings get longer. It’s the celebration of the Sun and all its wonder that inspires me to bring stained glass into this month’s newsletter. I hope you enjoy it!

May is here and in full swing. May the Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day has come and gone and we know you visited your favorite Hispanic eatery on Cinco De Mayo (May 5th). Next up was Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there, then Memorial Day at the end of May, which kicks off the start of Summer. Seems as though we were watching it snow just yesterday and now were fully into yard mowing, shorts wearing, BBQing and vacation planning. May also celebrates our high school graduates as they walk across the stage to get their diploma which is an excellent demonstration of how they graduate out of teenagerhood and into the reality of adulthood. Good luck young adults, you’ll need it. Make good choices! 

May is so full of activity and events, not only in the country but here at GSMAR. Keep an eye on our calendar for great classes and events this month. Finally, get out and enjoy life. If you're cooped up, get out and experience the great outdoors. It’s wonderful therapy to just walk outside, whether it’s on one of our many greenways or a trail in the Smokies, get out and enjoy nature. 

News from The National Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors met Friday, capping off the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings. The meetings took place just outside of Washington, D.C., in National Harbor, Md.

Consumer Advertising

Approved the continuation of the Consumer Ad Campaign, increasing the annual special assessment to $45 per year per member because of the increased cost of media. The current campaign, That’s Who We R, is now in its fourth year and has garnered 42 advertising industry awards. Directors extended the $45 assessment level through 2027.

Currently the assessment is $35

For more from this meeting, go to the NAR.REALTOR website

Tennessee Broker Summit on June 16th, 2022

Managing Brokers can now register for the Broker Summit on June 16th at no cost. Registration for non-broker members opens on May 26th at $50 per person. Seats are limited so Brokers, please register today.

Congratulations to all who participated, volunteered, sponsored and helped the 2022 Swingin' for Hope Golf Tournament on April 6th. With your combined efforts, we've heard over $50,000 was raised to support the Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic in Sevierville. This money will be used to pay for equipment and supplies as they open their doors to the less fortunate and uninsured folks in our area. Thanks to all they do and thanks to everyone involved in the golf tournament.

Next years tournament is being planned now so we can have as good or better turnout. If you want to be a sponsor for next year's tournament or want to volunteer, contact Leonard Waring for more details  

Wildfires swept across eastern Tennessee on March 30 and 31, 2022, causing destruction of thousands of acres of land and damaging hundreds of structures, with the heaviest damage occurring in Sevier County. As of April 5th, the majority of the fires had been extinguished or contained, but left a trail of destruction in its wake. Tennessee REALTORS® is working to help families impacted by the wildfires rental or mortgage relief by filing for assistance via the REALTOR® Relief Foundation. Anyone who has lost their primary home in to the fire or has been displaced, can now apply for up to $1000 in rental/mortgage assistance.

Apply For Assistance HERE

Navica: When entering in a listing that is sold before listed, make sure you check the internet (NO) So it won't feed out to Zillow, or other internet sites. This keeps you from getting calls on a listing that has already been closed.

Did you know that NAR has a podcast you can listen to on the go while you're driving to showings or closings or whenever you’re in your car. It’s called Drive with NAR. Check it out here

GSMAR Billing

We have our annual membership billing coming up in July. The billing is for GSMAR dues, TNR Dues for 2023 and NAR dues for 2023. This will be around $611 unless the state or national changes their dues. We also add RPAC investments and Scholarship donations to the billing which is completely voluntary. 

The RPAC investment is for the Realtor Political Action Committee and you can read more about who they are and what they do here 

Our scholarship donation stays here locally and goes to our scholarship fund. We choose 7 seniors from the 7 high schools in Sevier and Cocke counties to give $1000 per student for college. The winners are chosen by the scholarship committee each year by judging essays turned in by all the applicants. There can be as many as 50 applicants and the committee must narrow it down to 7. The money you donate during billing helps to fund the scholarship program.

If you would like to donate more than what is added during billing then please contact Rebecca Marcum

A.R.E.A.- Academy of Real Estate Advancement

Did you know, we have two of our GSMAR REALTORS attending this year’s A.R.E.A. classes. Congrats to Sandra Brown and Devin Cowell as they continue their classes this year.

If you are interested in the A.R.E.A. program, please read the below description and visit for more info and for an application. 

Let’s keep GSMAR on the forefront of leadership in TN!


To empower and equip Tennessee REALTORS® to lead.


The purpose of our Tennessee REALTORS® Leadership Program is

to identify emerging REALTOR® leaders. A.R.E.A. will empower the

individuals in the program to maximize their leadership potential.

• Participation is open to all active Tennessee REALTORS® in good

standing with the Association and with the Tennessee Real Estate

Commission (TREC).

• Attendance at all sessions is mandatory. One excused absence is

permitted but the absence will result in not graduating with his/her

class. The absence may be made up during the following year’s

program and the participant will then graduate with the next class.

• The cost of this comprehensive leadership program is $899 and

includes all courses, meals, required overnight accommodations,

class materials and mileage.

May 11th- RPAC MI Event

May 16th- Sher Powers joins us in 3 classes this day. 

“Umbrella Effect” 11a-1p

“We Can’t Talk About that at Work” 1:30p-2:30p

“Leadership” 3p-4p

Sign ups are on Navica

May 17th- At Home with Diversity, this will be taught by both Robert Morris and Matt Difanis

There is a cost as this is a certification class. Registration is on Navica. Please pay through the Navica portal when registering.

May 24- New Member Orientation with Code of Ethics, COE can be taken by any REALTOR needing COE for this cycle which started this year. 

May 25th- Karen Randolph will be looking over Contracts. This is an excellent class for new agents.

May 27th- Friendly Friday Luncheon- Beach Bash Edition

May 30th- Memorial Day  GSMAR Office closed

TN REALTORS® has the following events open for registration and/or hotel reservations. Please take the time to register at your earliest convenience in order to make sure you are able to attend.


Broker Summitt – June 16th – Nashville  (Both registration and hotel reservations are open and the schedule is available.)


Fall Convention – Sept 21-23 – French Lick, Indiana  (Both registration and hotel reservations are open.)


Leadership & Advoacacy Conference – Oct 24-26 – Nashville  (Currently only the hotel room reservations are open.)


Registration for NAR Conference (NXT) Nov 11-13 – Orlando (Registration opens on May 18th.)

Announcing some NEW Awards we have started and of course our old favorites are still going as well. Below is a description of each and when they will be handed out. You can find the forms for the awards on Navica under the Resources tab then Documents. Please make sure to check them out, fill out a form and turn it in to to nominate your favorite REALTOR® or Affiliate.

NEW Awards:

Affiliate Spotlight- This award is monthly. So please grab a form each month to select the Affiliate Spotlight Award. Everyone who wins the Affiliate Spotlight is automatically entered in for the Affiliate of the Year.

Affiliate of the Year- Just as it sounds, we will select an Affiliate of the Year from your votes during our annual Awards and Installation Banquet at the end of the year. 

Old Favorites:

Maud Gregory- It is awarded to the REALTOR® who best demonstrates outstanding accomplishments in the real estate profession and who maintains a good reputation for professionalism, ethical conduct and cooperation with fellow REALTORS®, while maintaining the highest REALTOR® professional standards.

Selected once a year.

Golden Spotlight- Just like the Affiliate Spotlight, this one is for REALTORS® and is picked bi-monthly. Anyone who wins the Golden Spotlight is automatically entered in for the Maud Gregory award at the end of the year.

Rookie of the Year- Picked from our new REALTORS®, see rules on Navica for more details. Selected at the beginning of the year after the sales totals from the previous year are tallied and confirmed.

REALTOR® of the Year- A culmination of a year’s worth of hard work and dedication to upholding the name REALTOR® and what it represents. Chosen at the end of the year.

All these awards with the exception of Rookie of the Year are selected by you, the members of GSMAR. All nominated REALTORS or Affiliates must be a current Primary or Secondary member in good standing with GSMAR. All forms are on Navica under the Resources tab then under Documents. For questions or comments please email  

To all those who have served and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving this country, we salute you and thank you.