GSMAR July 2022

Newsletter #43

The heat is on folks and the smell of burned black powder is looming on the horizon as we celebrate the 246th birthday of our great nation. How we do this is varied from household to household but we all celebrate in our own little way. For those who are pyrotechnics at heart, a hefty 2nd mortgage loan worth of fireworks must be purchased weeks, days and on the night of the celebration. Festivities for this group of crimson collared folk begins before dusk and ends around midnight when one of two things run out, the beer or firework store hours. For the more economical crowd, modest snap pops and sparklers are up their alley as they watch their neighbors' life savings fly into the air and explode. They tend to their hotdogs on a $30 charcoal grill from Wal-Mart and sip on Kool-Aid and life is good. For the next group, July 4th is an excuse to buy the best grill, the best meat and half the grocery store's worth of snacks and drinks. Their idea of July 4th is to cater to 50 people in their backyard. Food, drinks, water games, and a coordinated, synchronous fireworks display is their masterplan. No detail is overlooked, from the homemade sides to the timed activities, this burgermeister relishes in their masterpiece as words of accolades come from everyone in attendance. 

For some, July 4th is a day where they tend to their spastic dog who runs under or on their bed every time a pop is heard outside. Even after the booms subside, poochies' nerves are so shot, they either sleep on your head that night or whine all night long. Either way, the look on their face the next day at work makes this group stand out above the crowd. As everyone is reveling in stories of near bodily injury, this worker slinks into the corner and slurps their coffee while secretly trying to figure out how they can ban fireworks in their neighborhood. No matter how you celebrate this country's birthday, make sure you do it safely and responsibly. We want to make sure you have all ten fingers on July 5th. 

Not much will be happening through July as far as classes or Events are concerned.

New Member Orientation is on July 26th 

Friendly Friday July 29th-See below for more details

As a big heads up, the GSMAR offices will be closed on August 1 (half the day) and all day on August 2nd & 3rd. Staff will be headed to Navica for training. 

The August Newsletter will be late so I wanted to let you also know that August 4th is our Membership Breakfast. Register on Navica.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

New Affiliates in June

Grand Welcome Resorts

Hannah Grizzle 352-874-4579

Clint’s Carpet Cleaning

Ray Flasher 865-428-3303

We would like to congratulate Ownby Insurance on their 70th year of being in business. Such a great accomplishment with multiple generations being at the helm of this great business. 

On a personal note, I grew up with Kevin Ownby and knew his father owned and operated the insurance company. Of course, as kids, you really can’t wrap your head around what insurance is but I thought it was cool that Kevin’s dad owned his own business. Now, as adults I’m proud of Kevin and everyone who has carried on in this family business. Congratulations to all of them on this huge milestone.

Henriquez Restoration and Construction company, one of our new affiliates, wants to let you know the following.

No job too big or small

● Carpentry

● Painting

● Siding

● Staining

● Remodeling

Call Marlon at 865-765-9097

The YPN’s Summeritaville Event was a huge success. If you missed it, we have pics for you below. Watch for the next event as YPN will surely plan their next event soon.

Pictures of Summeritaville Below

Education: We have limited classes available between now and September. The reason, most everyone is too busy on vacations, Summer Camps, Vacation Bible School or a myriad of other events during the Summer and Back to School seasons. 

Community Involvement: Throughout the year we are taking up food donations for Sevier County Food Ministries. Please, when you come to the GSMAR office, drop off a nonperishable item to help this cause.

We are also taking up gift cards for Isaiah House.

We paused on our Friendly Friday for June but we are back in July, actually, Back to School. For this Friendly Friday, we are asking for school supply donations. Crayons, pencils, pens, glue, tissues, sanitizer and more will be collected for our area schools. So please come for a sack lunch with your favorite school lunch in it and bring some school supplies for our teachers and kids. 

If you can’t make it to our Friendly Friday Back to School Luncheon, then drop by some school supplies throughout the month of July at the GSMAR office.

GSMAR Membership Billing

It is that time of the year again when GSMAR does its annual Membership Dues Billing. Invoices will be on the homepage of Navica as you log in. There should be a reminder at the top of the page. Click the link on it to view and pay your dues. 

As we have done in the past, there are two additional charges that are completely voluntary to pay. Those are RPAC and scholarship.

RPAC is the REALTOR Political Action Committee and they insure that bills trying to become laws either make it or not depending if that bill is beneficial to REALTORS or real estate in general. RPAC crosses the party lines and are neither blue or red but are a combination of both, considering themselves the purple party. Because RPAC is not politically motivated but only motivated in protecting your rights, property rights and so much more, an investment in RPAC is an investment in your business's future. So consider investing in your business with the attached RPAC donation on your dues billing.

Scholarship: This is a donation to our J. Pritchard Barnes Memorial Scholarship Fund. Each year we give $1,000 to one Senior from each of the 7 high schools in Sevier and Cocke counties to go towards their college costs and $200 Teacher grants. The scholarship is directly given to the college of the students choice to cover books, tuition and more. The teacher grant, formerly was only for Kindergarten teachers, but this has been extended to Elementary school teachers in Sevier and Cocke Counties this year. This grant is given to assist teachers in purchasing supplies needed for their classrooms. By supporting the Scholarship program, you’ll be saying, REALTORS® Care about their community and you’ll be investing in the future of our youth. 

Special Note: If you feel like donating more than what’s on the billing for scholarship, then please drop off a check to the GSMAR office. We’d love to be able to expand this program in the future so extra donations are very welcome.

Invoices are due on or before July 31st. Anyone paying after July 31st will incur a late fee.

If you have questions, please contact the GSMAR office. 

TNREALTORS has extended the deadline for the wildfire relief. Go to for more info