March 2021

March 2021 Newsletter # 27

The 60's

When one is contained by a rigid cultural system, a system that is based on strict rules, the results are what we call the 60’s. A decade of experimentation and free will. Like a water balloon that suddenly bursts, causing its contents to spill in all directions, so too the youth of the 60’s flowed wherever the current took them. From psychedelic drugs, to new music, to new “mini” fashions, the 60’s is a society sprung loose from their restrictive parental ideals. It was the counterculture revolution and everything that caused the old man's eye to twitch and Mom to exclaim, “I never!”, seemed to be the norm. They say things happen in cycles like fashion, music and apparently social revolutions. Today’s cancel culture is much like the counter culture of the 60’s. They wanted freedom from control in the 60’s and today they want to take away freedom in the name of equality. It seems as though this nation struggles mostly with freedom itself. Too much freedom and people go wild, not enough freedom and people go wild. The true struggle is internal though. We tend to be anti-anything when it doesn’t fit into our little bubble of understanding or comfortability. When dealing with differences between groups of people we tend to judge instead of trying to understand. I’ve run across an article on that gives “7 Simple Ways to Deal With a Disagreement Effectively”. Perhaps if we would have followed this article's advice in the 60’s we would be living in a much different society today. 

General Membership Meeting 

April 1 at 9:00 a.m. via zoom.  Join President Jerry Sandifer for an update on committee activities as well as a Q&A portion.  Homes & Land has been the traditional sponsor of this meeting, and they have graciously agreed to sponsor again this year. Make sure you register to attend.  You must be present when the door prizes are given to win. The original invitation will be sent two weeks prior to the meeting on March 18.

Navica Update

 1.      The mobile app is now available, and we have had very positive comments.

 2.      Training on Navica continues.  Watch the home page or your email for updates.

 3.      The complete reciprocity with Lakeway should be ready by March 16.

Need a website?  Navica offers the opportunity to build a website for you. You pick the template and they do the rest. Fastest way to get your listings to your website is through a Navica website. Instant downloads, no third party vendors to fool with, great for new agents. Check them out HERE

Code of Ethics

Deadline is 12/31/2021

NAR requires that the Code of Ethics be completed every three years. The current cycle began on 1/1/2019 and ends 12/31/21. If you haven't already completed your code of ethics during this cycle, please be sure to before time runs out. Members can also take Code of Ethics through The Ce Shop with 3 CE credit for $29.95 or without CE Credit for free through NAR. Also, check to see if you need Code of Ethics HERE. If you have taken Code of Ethics and it hasn’t shown up on your account as taken, email the certificate of completion to 


Members can also complete the C2EX endorsement (free) to fulfill this cycle's COE requirement. 

Do not wait until the end of the year. Get it done today!

This Sunday is Daylight Savings Time: Set your clocks forward 1 hour Sunday night before going to bed. We lose an hour of sleep but gain an hour of daylight in the evening. I’m all for it!

March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day be sure you wear your green 

1031 tax Exchange: 1pm via Zoom- this class filled up quickly and is already sold out. Due to its popularity we will see if we can schedule another one.

March 18th: Leadership Training - please see our education page for details and sign up.

March 24th: Transaction Desk via Zoom - please see our education page for details and sign up.

March 30th: So You Think You Want to be a Commercial REALTOR class. Sign ups and descriptions coming soon.

April 2nd: Good Friday- GSMAR office closed for Easter holiday

April 4th: Easter 

April 7th: Social Media Bootcamp class. Sign ups and descriptions coming soon.

                   Golf Tournament- see flyer below

As always, go to our calendar page here on this website for up to date information on all classes, committee meetings and events. Check back frequently to keep up on changes.

From one of our concerned agents:

Just an fyi, there are a number of out of state individuals who claim to be investors or debt collectors soliciting our sellers, namely lot listings and offering them "net" prices for their lots.  They are claiming that the net price is the offer price.  One of my sellers has been sending me the letters and I have been reaching out to these individuals.  One sent me an offer, (rolling my eyes) with the "net offer", he said that that was the purchase price because they were paying all of the closing costs.  I then asked for a proof of funds (lol).  No response on that.  I did present the offer to the seller as we are supposed to if it is in writing.  But we need to be aware of these people that may or may not be legit and have our sellers send us the information on these people so we can contact them.

Q&A with your Fellow Members

Hi – we are looking for ways to improve our already great monthly newsletter!  Do you have legitimate questions you would like answered by your fellow REALTORS®?  What CRM to use?  What works on social media?  Do I need an accounting system for my real estate business?  We will publish your questions along with your name and email address and ask our members to answer your questions directly to you.  Depending on the number of questions received, we may not be able to publish all of them.  We hope this is one more service we can provide to you, and that it is also a good way to get to know more GSMAR members.  Thank you for your help! 

Please address questions to and make sure to put Q&A for Newsletter in the subject line. Thanks.

Communications – Chair Leonard Waring has tasked his committee with finding ways of improving the REALTOR® image in the community.  This is a new committee this year, and one that is still accepting new members.  This would be a great first-time committee for anyone who wants to become involved in the Association.  Email Leonard at or if you are interested. 

Education – Chair Sandra Brown already has over 140 hours of education set for 2021 as well as a special event for the month of April which is Fair Housing Month.  Continue to view the calendar on the web site or on the Navica home page.


Scholarship – Chair Scott Cline has presented the criteria and deadlines for the high school gradate scholarships as well as the kindergarten grants.  High school graduate applications are due April 30 should you know someone eligible to apply.  Extra points are given to the child of a REALTOR® member.

Helping Hands – Chair Chris Wood and his committee have their vision/mission statement almost completed and are moving forward with this sub-committee under REALTORS® Care.

The 2021 GSMAR Board of Directors will go through Leadership Training March 18 with State CEO Angela Shields.  This is a joint meeting with the Finance and Strategic Planning Committees as well.  The Leadership portion of training involves qualities needed for good leadership.  The Finance portion covers the money needed for the Strategic Planning portion which covers short-term and long-term goals for the Association.  There are many items on both lists.  Stay tuned for an update after this important session!

I am very pleased that there has been sufficient interest to re-start our Broker Breakfasts (now entitled Morning Brew and Broker Views) and our Membership Meetings.  When Covid-19 took over our lives last year, we discontinued those meetings due to poor attendance.  We can actually accommodate more people via zoom than we can live if we properly social distance.  So please join us in the upcoming months!

 Many of our committees have revitalized as well!  Whether you like it or not, zooming may be in our future.  Take the first step and join a zoom committee meeting.  They are pretty low stress and if you have technical difficulties the first time, you won’t risk losing CE.

 We respond best to your requests when they are sent to us via email.  Sometimes things can be misunderstood over the phone, although we welcome your phone calls as well, depending on the nature of the request.

Remember to always be kind – kindness is the best asset you will ever have!

60’s Trivia March ‘21 Newsletter

Just like the previous quizzes, please send your answers to I will check all the answers and pick the first completely correct submission as the winner. If nobody is completely correct, the first one who has the most correct wins. Winners receive a free pass on any future or current fines. Please do not use the internet to research the answers.

Note: the past two winners had their entries in by 6:30 the day the newsletter was released. So be quick!

(Background info for questions 1-3) The Robbins Brothers from North Carolina operated a small-scale attraction that featured a coal-fired steam train named Klondike Katie, a general store, a blacksmith shop and a saloon for visitors to enjoy. The Robbins Brothers had indeed created a winning formula. Little did they know, that they were laying the groundwork for what would later become the 6th place amusement park in the U.S according to Trip Advisor in 2020. 

1.Name the amusement park.

2.What year did it open?   A. 1965 B. 1967 C. 1961 D. 1968

3. Name the three previous names the park had before it became what it is today.

4. In 1962 a famous actress sang Happy Birthday to John F. Kennedy, who was it?

5. Again in 1962, 3 prisoners famously escaped a maximum-security prison. The escapees were never caught and thought dead from their unique escape attempt. Name the prison they escaped from.

6. By 2024 NASA is planning on returning to the Moon with the Artemis program, over 50 years after the first man walked on its surface. Name the year and the man who took that one small step onto the moon.

7. For 30 years, from 1962-1992, this show was always introduced by the man who later delivered million-dollar checks to subscribers. Name the show and the co-host.

8. 100 years after (1863) the Emancipation Proclamation given by President Lincoln, another man with a dream stood on the steps of that President’s memorial, asking for people not to judge others by the color of their skin. Name the man with that dream.

9.In what year did we boldly go where no man had gone before as Captain James Tiberius Kirk took command of the Starfleet vessel Enterprise NCC-1701. 

A. 1963 B. 1965 C. 1969 D. 1966

10. The 60’s was the age of counter culture, like our modern cancel culture, the social norms were challenged by the huge amount of teen boomers coming on the scene. They grasped onto anything new and different as they pushed the limits of acceptable behavior. No other period before or since culminated in the hysteria around a particular band from Liverpool England. Their style of music, their hair cuts and the push against the normal behaviors earned them screaming, crying and fainting fans worldwide. Name the band.  

11. Starting in 1962 and continuing to now, this movie franchise has had 7 different actors play the leading role. Shaken but never stirred, this franchise has also had 25 movies in its arsenal. Sporting the latest gadgets, cars and watches the current film has been on hold for a year due to Covid.  Re-filming of certain sequences due to outdated product placements had to be done because of its delay. Maybe we will get to see another adventure of this British Spy. Name the franchise.  

12. Airing it’s 14,000th episode on December 17th 2020, this daytime soap opera originally aired over 55 years ago on November 8th 1965. Name this longest running scripted television show in the world. 

13. Speaking of long running shows, this S-H-O-W started in 1969 and has brought tons of joy and learning to every child that watches it. Winning 189 Emmy awards and 11 Grammys, this loveable cast of unique characters has reached 95% of all the preschoolers in America.  Name the show.

14. 32 bands plus 4 days on a dairy farm in Bethel, New York plus over 400,000 people plus rain, equals the most iconic music festival in Rock History. What was the name?

15.In one of my favorite movies, Clint Eastwood starred in the only musical he was ever in alongside Lee Marvin and Jean Seberg. “Paint your Wagon” is a tale of two gold miner’s that fall in love with the same woman after Lee Marvin’s character buys her from a Mormon passing through with two wives. Although this film is neatly tucked away in the archives of nothing special, it has always been one of my favorites. Name the year it was released. A. 1965 B. 1967 C. 1969 D. 1964

16. Speaking of Clint Eastwood, he was a guest star on this 60’s TV show about a talking animal that only spoke to his owner Wilbur. The show ran from 1961 to 1966 with 143 episodes. Name the show. 

17. Tons of classic TV shows came out of the 60’s. From Bewitched, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Brady Bunch to Gilligan’s Island and Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. these iconic shows are just a handful of the shows we loved. One particular show stands out amongst the rest. Set in nearby North Carolina it has endured in the hearts of many as they sit down and whistle along with the intro to this timeless comedy. Name the show.

18. The huge toy maker Mattel had a hit on their hands with the Barbie doll, originally released in 1959 she was single for two years until her companion, Ken, was released in 1961. Of course, a young couple needed a place to live. So, what year did the Barbie Dream House fulfill their real estate needs? A. 1963 B. 1962 C. 1964 D. 1966     Bonus: What was the original Dream House made of.

19. When these toys hit the market in 1968, they touted names like Beatnik Bandit, Hot Heap and Python. Only 16 were made from the original “red” line, now they have made over 4 billion of these hot little toys. Name the toy.

20.  In 2020 as the world learned of the Covid pandemic, fear spread throughout and the hoarding of certain items began. One such item began a campaign in 1964 with a store manager warning customers not to squeeze this product. Later in the ads, a stock boy joined the fray played by Myth Busters Adam Savage. Name the product. Bonus: Name the Store Manager