GSMAR Newsletter #32

Summer is fading and Fall is only a little over a month away. The scramble is on to get the last vacation in, before school, before the holidays and before the leaves start to fall. For me though, Fall is probably my favorite time of year. It’s the colors and the smells that always bring back so many memories. That hot cup of apple cider, the first cool morning without humidity and of course the college football season. Yes, I love them Vols. I remember the times going to Neyland Stadium with my Dad and being one of the over one-hundred thousand screaming fans. It was one thing to watch them on TV and quite another to see them live. The rumble, the wave, the immenseness of it all was so overwhelming. Remembering those moments just sends me back to simpler times. 

As we progress along, day by day, enjoy those memories and remember to make new ones every day. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so we must live today like we have no tomorrow. Write about your passions for a leaf that turns from green to red, talk about the days of corn mazes and county fairs, create new traditions with those you love. Fall brings change but change doesn’t always have to be loathed. It can be beautiful, fun, and necessary. 

NAR and Micro-Courses

We all know that education takes up a lot of precious time, especially when time is so valuable in this market. So to help out, NAR has come up with about a hundred micro courses that are only ten to fifteen minutes long and cover a wide variety of topics. This month only, two of those courses are free, all others are $9 per course. As I always say, Education is the Key to Success, and it looks like NAR thinks so too. So, check out the link below and in the time it takes to watch a YouTube video, you could be learning some valuable lessons to help you stand out in today's market.

Did you know the REALTOR Magazine is also available in an online format? No? Well here’s your chance to check it out. 

It’s loaded with:

Practical, how-to articles on selling, law, management, and more

Profiles of successful practitioners

News on federal laws and regulations affecting the industry

New products for your business

Interviews with industry newsmakers

Fully illustrated Architecture Guide

Sales and marketing columns

Technology news and advice

Daily industry news updates and a curated selection of headlines as seen from the real estate angle

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Right Tools, Right Now is now a permanent program! Each month, NAR will offer savings on select tools, products, and resources most beneficial for you and your business, and offer them for free or at a discounted price.

Check in with Right Tools, Right Now each month to get your hands on the most helpful resources carefully vetted just for REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations. 

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  It is time to elect the 2022 GSMAR Officers and Directors.


Per the Bylaws: The elected officers of the Association shall be a President, a President-Elect, a First Vice President and a Treasurer, The First Vice President will automatically become President-Elect the following year and the President the year after that. The Treasurer will serve for two (2) years. (Amended 06/23/2021)


A newly elected President-Elect, First Vice President and Treasurer will join Penny Cowell as President and Jerry Sandifer as immediate Past President on the GSMAR Officers Leadership Team.  In addition, two (2) Directors will be elected for two-year terms to join the remaining directors, Sandra Brown and Craig Stephenson.


Primary or Secondary members interested in serving are asked to submit an application for 2022 Officers & Directors by Tuesday, September 21st.  Interested candidates also should consult the GSMAR Bylaws and Policy & Procedures Manual to determine eligibility and position responsibilities.  Additionally, those who submit applications will have the opportunity to interview with the Nominating Committee on Tuesday, September 28th or Wednesday, September 29th.


The slate of candidates and the write-in procedure will be announced via email on September 30th.


If you have any questions about the process, please contact Nominating Committee Chair, Vickie Stanton ( or 2021 GSMAR President, Jerry Sandifer (

2021 TNREALTORS Fall Convention in Chattanooga

September 14th-17th 

With Speakers: Leigh Brown, Eric Boles, Amelia Rose Earhart, and more

More info and registration Click HERE

This new section of the Newsletter is designed to teach those less aware of their computers some tips, tricks or new information they never knew. So this new section will  be for those less tech savvy. For those that are tech savvy, if you’d like to submit an article of your own for this section, please email

We normally put all our upcoming classes in our Calendar of Events section above but we want all our members to be able to seek out our calendar on their own and get back to it for quick reference. On the GSMAR website we have a calendar page (HERE).  Looks like this.

Once on that page, bookmark it in your browser so you can quickly get back to it without a bunch of hassle. How do you do that?

This example is from Google Chrome but most browsers have a star (end of arrow) at the end of the search bar. When you’re on a webpage and click the star, a box will pop up like the one above. It will usually name the website on its own but you can change the name if you want to. Then click the done button and the web page is bookmarked.

Where are your bookmarks?

They appear under the search tab at the top of the page. Once you have too many for that space a small  >>  will appear at the end of the list. When you click those double arrows, a drop down menu of all your bookmarks will appear. Now you know how to bookmark a webpage. 

How to organize your bookmarks once you get a bunch saved.

Take your mouse and left click over a bookmark and hold it down. Once you have done that you should be able to move the bookmark left or right along the top of the bookmark section under the search bar. If you want to move the bookmark from under the search bar to the drop down menu, simply take that bookmark and hover over the two >>. When you hover over the arrows, the dropdown menu will appear and you can drag the bookmark down the list and place it in the order you want it. 

Remember, the drop down menu only appears when the section under the search bar is full. If it is not full, a drop down will not be there. The opposite can work too. If you have enough bookmarks for the drop down menu to appear, you can grab them from the menu and pull them up under the search bar.

When you do this though, the last bookmark on the right will automatically be pushed down to the drop down menu. 

The most frequently used web pages should be the ones you put under the search bar. The less used go at the top of the drop down menu and the least should be at the bottom of the drop down menu. 

So, that’s this month’s teachable moment. I hope some of you liked it. Creative feedback or ideas for the next newsletter is welcomed.

With classes changing and uncertainty in class numbers, we want to spotlight an Affiliate who came for a class and had very few members to talk to. We feel as though all our Affiliates are partners with us in this crazy industry we call real estate. If we treat each other with dignity and respect, it will always come back to you. That’s why we want to say thank you to Jon Simerly from American Foundations and Repairs. He came with a good lunch for our orientation class, but unfortunately had very few people to talk with. 

We appreciate you Jon. 

We appreciate all our affiliates as our classes change and morph, sometimes at the last minute. Thanks for always being there for us. That’s why agents should always go to our Affiliate page on this website for all their real estate needs. From Foundation and Repair to Inspectors, Lenders or Title Companies, there are a ton of affiliates that would appreciate your business.

We often get phone calls from our members asking why we have this or that rule or why this fine or why we don’t do things a certain way. Rules, policies, fines, events, education and outreach are all done by members like you. Volunteers from our pool of members feel as though they should give some of their time back and volunteer to be a part of something bigger than them. 


The first stage of volunteering is not the least of voices. As a committee member, you and your peers get to sit down and plan for events, create policies, grow awareness and help other members. Your one hour a month contribution can lead to an incredible return on your investment. In the 12 hours per year you could possibly leave a legacy that echoes into the future of GSMAR. 

I hear a lot of great ideas from members and I get great suggestions but none of them help unless they are brought up at a committee meeting, voted on and sent to the Board of Directors for approval.

Committee members are the idea makers and the wheels on this bus that make it go. Without them, nothing is accomplished. 

Committee Chairs

Committee chairs are those full of passion for what they do. They have a vision and want to see it come to fruition. However, committee chairs can always use more ideas and more creativity when it comes to making things happen. Many hands make light work and many minds can create something truly great. The committee chair not only has a vision but they must steer the bus as it goes. They are the organizers and the planner. Our committee Chairs are picked by the incoming President and should have been on at least one committee the previous year in order to be the Chair. They’re main goal is to keep communications open between the committee members, organize the meetings and make sure the meetings are productive. 


The Board of Directors is the next step for anyone wanting to dedicate more of their time to the Association. We have four directors, two directors leave each year as two new ones are voted in. To be a director, you must have been a member for at least two years and been a committee member for one year. Directors help the Board oversee the Committees and the Association Executive. They sift through the monthly committee ideas and approve or reject them depending on the situation. They sit on the Board for two years and typically meet every month for about two to three hours per month. 


This year we have a new position to fill, the First Vice President. They precede the President Elect, the President and the Immediate Past President. When elected to the First Vice President position, you will automatically move up in position the following year making this position a four year commitment.

The Treasurer is now a two year position. A background in managing money is very helpful for this position.

No matter what position you partake in, you are an important part of GSMAR and its future. We need you to help out this upcoming year, from a committee member to the First Vice President, we need you and your ideas, your creativity, your expertise and your passion. Below are the attached forms for Committees and the application for Board of Directors. If you can’t get them to download, contact for a copy. We thank everyone in advance for their volunteer spirit, after all we are the Volunteer State!

GSMAR Member Involvement From

RPAC Committee 

RPAC News 2021 The RPAC Committee of The Great Smoky Mountains Association of REALTORS® has been very busy this year. March Legislative meetings were virtual. TN Senators & Representatives met with TN REALTORS® to discuss important issues facing members and our clients. In June they hosted their annual Major Investor event. It was held at the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN and was a beautiful success. Many honorary guests were in attendance from NAR and Tennessee REALTORS®. Past MI’s once again pledged their support and several members joined for the first time. Complimentary tours of the Museum were given to all Major Investors. 

Later in July the RPAC Committee hosted the first ever REALTOR® Idol. It was a HIT and fun was had by all. It is sure to become an annual event. 

Congratulations to Diane Farr, the 2021 winner! 

In August GSMAR joined other Associations from across Tennessee in the annual RPAC-A-Thon. $100,000.00 was raised that day! 

GSMAR to date (8/18/2021) has raised $33,845.00 

Associations across the State have really stepped up to meet the challenge in support of Advocacy and RPAC. 

For the first time an Affiliate Member of GSMAR became a Major Investor! 

Welcome and thanks to Professional Title! 

Thank you to all who have invested in this important arena. 

RPAC 2021 Committee 

Kim Shinlever-2021 RPAC Committee Chair 

Teresa Daily-2021 RPAC Committee Co- Chair 

Eric Russell 

Devin Cowell 

Terri Williams 

Penny Cowell 2021 TN REALTORS® RPAC Fundraising Chair & RPAC Trustee 

Special Thanks to the following event supporters... 

Kings Distillery Cara King 

Bay Equity of Sevierville Kimberly LeClercq 

Southern Smokehouse BBQ & Catering Matt LeClercq 

Professional Title Tara & Karsten Dutton 

Mortgage Investors Group of Sevierville - Kristin Lewis 

Owen Poveda - Photo

The AE selection process is almost over. We want to thank everyone for the support and kind words during this transitional period. Like the transition from season to season this too will be yet another transition period for us as a staff, for the Board and for the members as we welcome in our new AE and family member. As soon as we know about the selection, we will pass it on to you so you can join in on the welcome.