April 2021

GSMAR Newsletter 

April 2021  # 28

This newsletter is dedicated to the 50’s. If you look back, like I have, the 50’s seemed like a whole different world compared to now. The economy boomed after the war and the industrial engine cranked out new “time saving” devices everyday. The average household income soared and nearly tripled from $2,200 to $8,000. It’s not called the golden era for nothing. The cookie cutter society followed rigid standards for family life and work life. With the uneasiness of the depression, then WW2, Americans wanted less conflict and the appearance of more structure. We all look back and say, I wish it was like it was back in the good ole days. The only problem with that is, they weren’t perfect either. 

April is Fair Housing Month.  What does that mean?  Observed each April to commemorate the landmark 1968 Fair Housing Act in which U.S law was established that prohibited discrimination in housing, each year the National Association of REALTORS® highlights events and education that shine a light on this important issue.  Several local REALTORS® have the AHWD (At Home with Diversity) certification.  It’s not April anymore? It’s never too late to talk about diversity.

Calling all singers, dancers, musicians, magicians, and comedians! Are you a REALTOR® with a special talent up your sleeve? Now is your chance to showcase your skills with the Greater Smoky Mountains Association of REALTORS® (GSMAR) and get the recognition you deserve!

We are officially kicking off our first annual GSMAR REALTOR® Idol Competition. Between now and May 7, submit a short, 5-minute video, sharing your talent and pay the $75 entry fee.

RPAC is dedicated to promoting and protecting the real estate industry and advocating for REALTORS®.

Don’t forget to submit your video by May 7!

Contact Kim Shinlever at kimshinlever@gmail.com or

Penny Cowell at pcintennessee@gmail.com   

Best of luck,

1.      April is Federal Fair Housing Month. 

2.      Take the Fairhaven simulation found at https://www.nar.realtor/fair-housing/fairhaven 

3.      Send your scores OR certificate of completion to kathy@gsmar.org by April 20. 

4.      On April 27 at 10:00 a.m. a town hall meeting will be held via zoom for a discussion by the participants. 

5.      All participants will receive a pin upon completion of the simulation. 

The overall winner, which will be drawn at the town hall meeting, will receive free local dues this year.  You must be present to win.

Chair Sandra Brown continues to do an amazing job.  Sandra and her committee have over 150 hours of CE scheduled for 2021 some of which will be live and some of which will be via zoom.  The zoom venue has allowed us to bring you top notch instructors that we could not otherwise afford.  Please check the GSMAR web site and the calendar on the Navica homepage for what’s in store and SAVE THE DATES for what you want to invest your time in to grow your business and do it properly!

 Adorna Carroll will be with us twice this year via zoom.  If you haven’t heard Adorna, mark your calendars now for June 2 and August 25!  You can read about Adorna at https://dynamicdirections.com/meet-our-faculty/. Barbara Fairfield, another Dynamic Directions instructor, will be with us June 3 doing a keynote for the membership meeting and again July 13 for “Critical Roles with Older Clients.”

 One of your all-time favorite instructors, Robert Morris, plans to be here live August 16 for the one-day PSA (Price Strategy Advisor) class and the two-day Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) class on August 17 and 18.  Then he will be back December 1 in the afternoon for 2 hours of “Get More Done in Less Time” and the keynote at our December 2 membership meeting for 1 hour on “The Difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary.”  This meeting will also honor our committee chairs and have some other festive things!

 We will be doing an education survey in the fourth quarter to prepare for 2022.  Be thinking about new classes you want or repeating ones previously offered that you couldn’t attend.  Your input is important as we schedule for 2022.

Your GSMAR Board of Directors meets every month on the third Thursday.  The meetings last from one to three hours and are nearly always attended by every member of the Board. If you are wondering what they do during this time, just consider these things:  (1) they look at the proposed budget versus actual budget to make sure Association spending is on target (2) they look at each committee reporting form (did you know we have 21 committees if you include sub-committees and task forces?) and make decisions, on behalf of the entire membership, as to whether to proceed, deny, or send back to committee for further discussion/clarification (3) they are informed of current real estate trends provided by the National and State associations and (4) a myriad of other things that come before them.

 They work diligently for and on behalf of the membership who votes them in. They always take off their respective company affiliations and work with the best interests of the entire membership in mind.

 Do you truly want to make a positive difference in GSMAR?  Consider applying for a Board position and give of your time and talents to help! 

And about the picture?  That is a ’56 Chevy owned by a friend who recently passed away.  He took it to the Park Vista in Gatlinburg for a 50’s Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center Fundraiser a few years ago. April is not only Federal Fair Housing Month; it is also National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Remember to always be kind – kindness is your greatest asset!

If you’ve worked with me very much, you know that I nearly always have an opinion when presented with a subject!  However, I am struggling with the subject this month as I think about what to write for the “AE Corner.” Something meaningful?  Something inspirational?  Something educational perhaps?

 How about just a little background?  My journey as your AE began in August of 2017 when the Board gave me several goals – two of which were to stabilize the staff and renew and build positive relationships with the members.  Now it is 2021, and our members have two great full time staff persons (Josh and April) who work diligently every day to provide the best in member services and MLS support, among other things.  Unfortunately, due to COVID I have not even met many of you, and I regret that.  Know that we are all here to help you.  Please reach out to us via phone or email and let us know your concerns.  No question is stupid and nothing is too insignificant to address. 

First person to send in all correct answers or 

be the first with the most correct answers wins 

a one time pass for one current or one future fine.

1. Name the cartoon strip that started in 1950? It starred a gang of kids and was a recent show at our local “Creative Theater” in 2019. Here’s a hint, Chris Gonzalez’s granddaughter played one of the characters.

2. Attached to bicycle spokes and used as noise makers. This brand-new baseball card company’s cards first came out in 1951 and were originally intended to be used as a card game. Like monopoly, players would lay down a card with a player’s photo and an action. The player followed the action on the card to make it around the bases and score. Name the card company.

3. In 1951, this TV show took the airwaves by storm. Shocking the nation with a mixed racial marriage, being the first live show to be filmed with three cameras and the first to show a visibly pregnant or “expecting” mother. Name the Show.

4. In 1951, this President’s post WW2 speech was the first television broadcast to be shown coast to coast live. It was transmitted via state-of-the-art microwave technology and was picked up by 87 TV stations in 47 cities. Name the President.

5. In the 1950’s this family form of entertainment had over 4,000 venues nationwide. Kids could come in their PJ’s and the baby was welcome too. After all, they couldn’t disturb the other attendees sitting next to them. This form of entertainment today, only has a couple hundred locations due to the availability of home entertainment choices. Lucky for us here, we have one in Maryville in case we feel nostalgic. What is it?

6. In 1954, this British author penned his most famous book. The fantasy realm he built has had four radio adaptations, multiple TV and big screen adaptations, audio book versions and stage productions. The influence of this book changed the fantasy genre forever, especially in the gaming realm. Inspiring games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Link and others, oftentimes using terms straight from the book like Orcs and Halflings. Name the book and the author. 

7. This next author, who was friends with the previous author, published 7 children’s books between 1950-1956. Unlike his friend’s fantasy realm full of different languages and odd creatures, this author chose men and talking animals for his story. Full of biblical teachings and principles, forces of darkness fight for control over this magical land. Name the book series and the author.  

8. Built on an 160 acre orange and walnut grove on July 17th, 1955 this place opened its gates for the first time to 90 million viewers on a nationwide broadcast, celebrities and political figures. On a 101 degree day the Happiest Place on Earth opened with plumbing problems, gas leaks, forged tickets and gridlock on the freeway getting to it. Although, despite the initial problems, 10 million visitors came to see this marvel in the first couple years it was open and today over 700 million have visited. Name this destination.

9. The toy company Wham-O created a toy that started a huge fan base, even to this day. Having to shake your hips to keep this toy moving, the name was based on the Hawaiian dance of the same name. Name the Toy. 

10. Also, by Wham-O, this toy’s name was called the Pluto Platter when released in its plastic version in 1957. It was marketed to the U.S.s obsession with flying saucers. The concept was originally brought about by students, in 1871 Connecticut, throwing their empty pie pans back and forth yelling the name of the pie company as they threw it, which is the name we know it by today.  Special note: This was seen in Back to the Future part three. Name the Toy.

11. If you adjust for inflation, this film grossed over a billion dollars at the box office during its initial release. Starring Charlton Heston and produced, directed and narrated by Cecil B. DeMille, this movie had some of the most technical special effects of the day. They had to overlay several different special effects just to get the final climactic scene, remember they only used film, no digital. Name the movie.

12. What an imagination Theodore Geisel had when he wrote his children’s books. With vivid characters and worlds full of crazy items, one of his books (released in 1957) involved a particularly mischievous cat, his head apparel and his two friends. Of course, we don’t know the author as Theodore Geisel now do we. Name the Book and the Author as we know him. 

13. Fast Food franchises seemed to pop up in the 1950’s as the economy boomed after the war. Middle class families coveted the extra income and the corporate engine did too. With extra income, corporations competed for their dollar. Name one of the many fast-food places that started in the 50’s 

14. The 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, passed in 1951, states a person can only run and be elected for two terms of office. Name the President that precipitated the amendment by being the only president in U.S. history to be elected for four consecutive terms. 

15. What U.S. sports car was the first production automobile to use an all fiberglass body starting in 1954? 

16. The 1971 song “American Pie” was a song about “the day music died”, referring to a 1959 plane crash that claimed the lives of three famous musicians. Can you name one of those musicians that died in that crash.

17. Like today with the current pandemic and the vaccines being created for it, back in 1955 another vaccine was developed to eradicate this paralyzing disease. Children today must take this vaccine for entry into school. Name the disease.

18. Called Walton’s 5&10 back in 1950, this mega retailer now has over 10,500 stores worldwide in 24 countries and employs more than 2.2 million associates. Name the retailer.

19. With house prices soaring lately, can you guess the average house price in 1950?

 A. $7,400 B. $8,000 C. $7,900 D. $8,100

20. Born in 1879 and dying in 1955, this Theoretical Physicist’s formulas and ideas are still being proven and discussed today. Can you name him?