November 2021 Newsletter # 35

Turkey Time Edition

Turkey Time,

In my youth, I celebrated Thanksgiving like most children did, by celebrating being out of school. It was a time when mom would do her part and help with cooking Thanksgiving Dinner. She’d make her favorites, my aunt would make her’s and then we’d conviene at my grandparents house the day of. All those delicious side dishes would converge under one roof for a feast made for a king. It was a short ride down the road, usually in cold grey weather where you weren't quite used to the sting of the cold. You’d step out in their driveway grabbing some dish to carry it in and you could see the steam and your breath rise in the air. That bitter cold air was always replaced by the smell of turkey when you’d hit their door though. It was like the gates of heaven opened up. The grey skies, the cold air, the dormant bland looking landscape was replaced by a home full of warmth, great smells and light. You’d kick off your shoes at the door and shuffle into the kitchen where someone would grab your delivery. Of course, being a small kid, and my eyes only up to the counter, I couldn’t fully appreciate the spread until we sat down to eat. The adults would hug and start in on conversation. The men would always crack open a cold Pabst. As a matter of fact, a Thanksgiving gathering was the first taste of beer I ever got.   The kids would gravitate in the family room around the TV. Of course that one uncle that never did like family events was nursing a beer in a lazy boy recliner watching the Lions get their butts kicked by the Cowboys. Ah….Thanksgiving. It seemed as though dinner would take forever to arrive as you’d listen to those electric carving knives making quick work of the bird and pig. family always had both. The time came when the dinner bell was rung and we were herded to the table. Of course the kids always sat at a designated kids table, set to one side of the dining room. But we were first to get our food. Yams, mashed potatoes, stuffing, noodles, turkey, ham, rolls, deviled eggs, creamed corn, and so much more, and all of it was homemade. After the feast, we sat and watched the adults loosen their belts and sit miserable. Cards or games came out as dessert was served with coffee and the night stretched on and on as leftovers were raided multiple times. The leftovers that survived the picking were carefully divided amongst the families and put in what we affectionately call TN Tupperware. Butter bowls, sour cream bowls, and the like had been saved for just the occasion and better be brought back for Christmas. Ah...the good ole days when life seemed simpler through a child's eye.

Christmas Party Tickets on Sale Now at the GSMAR office

Individual tickets are $40 each

Tables (8 tickets) are $500 

Sponsors are $250 per sponsor. They receive two tickets. They are also asked to bring a gift basket with a value of $25 or more to the party. Gift baskets can be dropped off early at the GSMAR office or when they come to get tickets.

Office hours are 8:30a-5p M-F

1109 Glennhill Ln. Sevierville TN 37862

Venue this year is at the Ridge Events Center on Middle Creek Rd, behind Smoky Mountain Expresso/ Sweet Frogs. 

Food provided by Chef’s Catering

Music, Dancing, drinks, food, photo booth, giveaways and more…..

End of Daylight Savings Time

Remember to roll back or Fall back your clocks one hour Saturday night before going to bed

NAR REALTORSⓇ Conference Coming up on Nov. 12-15th in San Diego

For more information, go to there website

Maximize Your Conference Experience at NAR Booth #1531

When you’re at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo Nov. 12-14, stop by the NAR Booth to see how your membership benefits you. Learn more about exclusive member resources, and enter to win a vacation prize package — valued at $1,700 — from the NAR Travel Club, a REALTOR Benefits® Program partner.

TNEX Summit Feb. 8-11 at the Hilton Downtown Nashville

Check out all the details HERE

As always you can see our calendar on this website ( on the calendar page.

Nov. 3rd- Residential Core Course with Jim Oakley 


6 hours CE

Register HERE

Nov. 9th- Two Classes available both on Zoom with Susan Barnette

Sphere Marketing-


2 hours CE 

Register HERE

Buyer’s First Right of Refusal- 


2 hours CE

Register HERE

Nov. 10th- Two Classes available both on Zoom with Susan Barnette

Facebook Unleashed-


2 hours CE

Register HERE

Facebook Rules- 


2 hours CE

Register HERE

November 29th & 30th New Member Orientation

Live @ GSMAR

8:30a-5p both days. Only New Primary Members have to do both days of training.

Secondary members and MLS only members only have to take the MLS portion of the orientation which is on the 30th from 12:30p-4p

We’d like to thank all the Affiliates who have been sponsoring our classes and events lately. As we have tried to step back into live events, our affiliates have sprung to life and stepped up to help us with sponsorships for those classes and events. With our education committee hard at work selecting next year's education offerings, we will be overrun with future sponsorship opportunities. 

We would also like to ask our members to always remember to use our affiliates if possible for all your REALTOR needs.

There are tons of resources out there for new REALTORS. We just found a small sampling of articles and videos for you this month to enjoy. Hope these help.


Love Letters, Should You or Shouldn’t You- read the answer HERE

Put your Fair Housing Knowledge to the test with the Fairhaven Simulation.

Check out these Videos from The CE Shop

Our committees for 2022 are shaping up but we need more help to get us back in the swing of things. Committees are the lifeblood of our association. They plan everything from the budget, to community outreach, to political action, to Christmas parties and even the MLS rules. No matter their role, they are of vital importance to how our association runs. So, we need you to volunteer just an hour or two per month to help this association get back to where it was pre-Covid. Contact Penny Cowell and let her know you're interested in volunteering for one of our committees. Remember, many hands make light work!

The 2022 Board of Directors was elected into office by our members on Thursday October 28th at 5pm when the election was finished. 

The following will be your 2022 Board of Directors

Past President- Jerry Sandifer

President- Penny Cowell

President Elect- Kim Shinlever

First Vice President- Sandra Brown

Treasurer- Kitty Freire

Directors- Craig Stephenson  

                 Dwight Grizzell

                 Neva Waite

                 Terri Williams 

Congratulations to all these volunteers for serving on the GSMAR Board of Directors

I want to thank each of you for the warm welcome I have received. The last month and a half has been very busy. I have, however, been able to meet several of our members at our Friendly Friday events, New Member Orientations and from stopping by the office. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

As we start heading toward the holidays, I hope you take the time to reflect on this year and be thankful for the opportunities you have had and even for the ones you didn’t get. Sometimes, something not happening how you thought it would can be a blessing too.

Know that I am thankful for this opportunity to continue to grow our Association. I am looking forward to the great work we will do in the future to build on the great work that has been done in the past. If you are looking for a place to belong and help, we need you. Let’s all be a part of the GREATness that is GSMAR!

And if you need something, please reach out to us. The staff and I are here to help any way we can.